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ITEC 109

Problem Solving and Programming
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ITEC109 is an introduction to Problem Solving and Programming. It introduces

Some more information is at the course's catalog description. The course has been taught using various languages/environments (C#/Visual Studio, Python/JES), but the content transcends particular languages and environments.

Most students find the course demanding, but also rewarding. This course is often taken by (a) students considering an ITEC major who want an prepatory programming course before taking ITEC 120, (b) business students who want a solid understanding of programming fundamentals, and (c) math students in the applied-math or stat concentration. ITEC 109 qualifies for minor credit for either one of the IT or IS minors. It also satisfies the pre-req for 226 (digital imaging for web) and 227 (animation for web).

Course pages, past and present

Can't find (much) info for a particular semester? This might be due to that particular section using course management software such as Desire2Learn or Blackboard (WebCT). (Such pages are available only to enrolled students during that particular semester.)

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