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Social Sciences

If you wish to teach Social Studies, this is the major for you. The Social Sciences major prepares you to be a professional educator in middle and high school social studies (Grades 6-12). You will take courses in history, American government, geography, and economics, and then gain practical experience in the classroom as a student teacher. This major allows students to complete their program of study in less time than teacher preparation programs at other institutions, and it has a pathway to a master’s degree if students want that additional degree.

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Why Study Social Sciences at Radford?

If you would like a career as a professional educator teaching social studies in a middle school or a high school, then the Social Science Major is the program for you. Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary program offering both Teaching (45 semester hours) and Non-Teaching (51 semester hours) options as part of either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.

  • Nearly 100 percent of students are hired immediately upon graduation.
  • Radford offers small classes and personal instruction.
  • The Social Sciences major is a state-approved program that requires fewer courses toward licensure in secondary social studies compared to other schools.
  • A teaching license in Virginia is accepted in 46 other states.

Careers and Internships

High school teachers, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, earn a median annual salary of $62,000. Starting wages may be lower, but teachers who obtain a master’s degree increase their wages over time. Teachers also have the opportunity to become school administrators.

Opportunities for Social Science students at Radford

At Radford University, aspiring teachers like you have the opportunity to reside in the School House Living-Learning Community. Members of the School House live in Moffett Hall with others who have an interest in pursuing careers as teachers, they participate in social events, and they receive support in completing program entry requirements and taking licensure exams.

Admissions Requirements

You earn 45 credits in the Social Sciences major, and during the final year of study take 30 credits as part of the teacher education program. The last year of study includes field experience in area schools and student teaching. To enter the teacher education program, students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.75 overall and in the Social Sciences major. They must also past the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment and the PRAXIS II for social studies.

Courses You May Be Interested In

There is also a pathway to a Master’s Degree in Education for students who want to complete that next step while they are gaining teacher licensure. Students can take up to nine credits of graduate-level credit while an undergraduate that they can apply towards their master’s program. 

  • 100% of 2023 graduates received full-time teaching jobs

  • Fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

Thanks to our Social Sciences major, you do not have to take a stand-alone major in a discipline such as history or political science and then take the full range of other preparatory content courses and education classes on top of that major, as at other institutions. With the state-approved Social Sciences major, you get all the background needed, with fewer credits, and can head to the teacher education program, and complete your bachelor’s degree on time. 

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"I chose to attend Radford University because I was hoping to be a Social Studies teacher, and this college has a fantastic education program. I was also drawn to the campus atmosphere when I was touring colleges.”

Robin Carleton '26

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