FAQs about Social Media

What forms of social media does Radford University use?

Radford University currently has an official presence on 11 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Flickr, Google+ and Pinterest. Individual departments across campus communicate via various social media and other outlets. To learn more about which departments are using social media please visit the Social Media Directory.

What is the primary mission or goal in using social media?
The primary goal in using social media is to interact with our audiences in order to provide excellence customer service, communicate important information, build relationships, answer questions, welcome visitors to campus, solve problems, and continue to broaden the university's reach. Radford University strives to maintain a well-connected campus. It is very important to us to be accessible to students, alumni and fans and to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and timely information about events and occurrences on campus. The instant communication offered by social media tools is a great way for us to reach our constituencies in real time.

I want to use social media for my department. How do I start?
Start with one platform and go from there. Most people start with Facebook, which has almost a billion active users all over the world. Simply create an account and follow Facebook's instructions to get started. We advise departments to have more than one administrator for a Facebook page in the event that one of the administrators leaves the university or us unable to post or update information. Once you're familiar with Facebook, you might want to consider other social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube or Flickr.

Someone is posting offensive content on my profile. What should I do?
You have the right to remove any and all posts on all of your profiles, and you can block and/or ban others from posting on them. Discuss the offensive material with your supervisor before taking action and avoid deleting comments simply because they disagree with the content you posted.