Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page

Social media can be a great way to reach your audiences – whether you are representing a college or department, administrative unit or academic program. Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform, but do you know how to make sure your Facebook page is effective? Here are a few tips for making a great Facebook page:

  1. Have a great cover photo/graphic. When a user visits your Facebook page, you want to make a good impression. Your cover photo is the most prominent image on the screen when someone visits your page. Make sure your photo makes it clear who you are and what office, department or program you represent. Be sure your cover image is high quality. Currently, cover photos should be 851 x 315 pixels. Keep your cover photo fresh by changing it with the seasons or even monthly.
  2. Have a great profile photo. While the cover photo is the first thing someone sees when he or she visits your page, your profile photo is the icon that will appear every time you post. This means your followers will see it again and again. Like cover photos, a successful profile picture should make it clear what department or unit is posting. When you create yours, check out to see what other departments are using and be sure to create something unique so you don’t cause confusion. Departments not representing the official Radford accounts should not use the Radford logo for their pages.
  3. Fill out your “About” section. The about section gives visitors a quick look at who you are and what you do. Not filling it out could cost you likes because users may not be able to tell quickly what your page is about or what content they can expect.
  4. Post regularlybut not too much! All of the above are great, but if you aren’t posting new content, your page won’t appear in people’s news feeds. A good posting strategy includes a mix of post types: photos, text updates and links. Mix these types throughout the week to be most effective.

If you need assistance creating a cover graphic, profile photo or crafting a good posting strategy, please get in touch by emailing Web Strategy and Interactive Media is happy to assist!

Finally, if you are interested in participating in social media brown bags or sharing ideas with your fellow colleagues, email to join a Listserv dedicated to social media at Radford University

Jun 10, 2014
Web Strategy and Interactive Media