Guidelines and Resources Available to CMS Users

As the fall semester begins, we wanted to take the opportunity to send links to the university’s Web, social media and Web accessibility guidelines as a reminder. If you have any questions about these, please do not hesitate to ask to your Web Strategy liaison. We are happy to assist.

Your Web Strategy liaison also can help you with questions about:

  • Content / Proofreading
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Multimedia
  • Help remembering HOW to use a component
  • Site architecture and navigation
  • Website guidelines

Finally, just a quick reminder if you have questions about:

  • Problems accessing the CMS or logging into the CMS
  • Problems with the CMS not functioning properly, such as the sidekick not appearing, not being able to edit a component or other error messages
  • Problems with permissions
  • Problems uploading files
  • Other TECHNICAL problems with the CMS …

Contact the Help Desk at 7500. They may be able to answer your question immediately. If they cannot, they will route a ticket to either Web Services (which is not part of Web Strategy and Interactive Media) or System Administration depending on the nature of your question.


Aug 28, 2013
Web Strategy and Interactive Media