University Policies for Student Veterans and Dependents

Military Active Duty Policy

The university has adopted a separate leave policy for students called to military active duty.  The intent of this policy is to assist, whenever possible, a student’s withdrawal and subsequent reentry to the university so that the student suffers no financial or academic hardship that was beyond the student’s control.  This policy may also apply to students whose spouse is called to military active duty.

Priority Registration for Active Duty Service Members and Veterans

To accommodate the scheduling difficulties and obligations encountered by active duty members of the United States Armed Forces, the Office of the Registrar will give priority registration to students on active duty and veterans.

Students are required to submit the following documentation each academic year in order to have priority registration assigned: 

  1. Active Duty Service Members: Submission of active duty military orders which verifies active duty military status or activation of Reservist/Guard to  Melissa Neal, Assistant Registrar, 540-831-5626,
  2. Reservists and/or National Guard: Submission of Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) form (also known as DD FORM 2384-1) to Melissa Neal, Assistant Registrar, 540-831-5626,
  3. Veterans: If you are a Veteran and are currently certified for military benefits (Post 9/11, Chp. 35, 1606-1607) with Radford University, you will automatically be given priority registration.  If you are not currently using military benefits with Radford University, please submit a copy of your DD-214 form to Melissa Neal, Assistant Registrar, 540-831-5626,

Transferring Military Service and Training

Request to have your military transcripts sent electronically to Radford University if you qualify for any academic credits through military training. An official evaluation will be conducted after a student’s admission has been finalized and more specific information regarding how the course(s) will transfer can be given.

  • Submit the Joint Services Transcript (JST) if you served in the Army, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard.
  • Submit the Air University transcript if you served in the Air Force.

Exemption from On Campus Boarding Policy

All first time, first semester students under age 21 are required to live in Radford University operated housing for at least four consecutive full semesters. If this applies to you as a veteran who served at least one year of active duty, and would prefer to live off campus, you can request an exemption.