About Us

Venture Lab is an interdisciplinary learn-by-doing lab for innovation and entrepreneurship at Radford University. We believe that the American Dream of entrepreneurship should be inclusive and accessible to all.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, empower, and motivate entrepreneurial students and faculty across all majors to serve as a force for good in society. To support the mission, Venture Lab provides experiential, real-world experiences, mentorship, networking, and changemaking opportunities.

Core Values


Venture Lab's core values are seamlessly aligned with the core values of Davis College of Business and Economics and Radford University as a whole.  

  • Student Empowerment and Success — We engage and support our students in the discovery and pursuit of their own unique paths.
  • Excellence — We expect our community to strive for the highest standards.
  • Inclusiveness — We are committed to a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, embracing and honoring the diversity of our community.
  • Community — We foster relationships and a culture of service within and beyond our university community.
  • Intellectual Freedom — We encourage and defend a fearless exploration of knowledge in all its forms.
  • Innovation — We inspire and support creativity in research, scholarship, pedagogy, and service.
  • Sustainability — We are committed to integrating sustainable practices into all aspects of our operations and engage students across the curriculum to learn, discover and contribute to positive current and future environmental solutions.

Strategic Focus

The lab will support key components of the university’s strategic plan, including: student success, access, economic development, sustainability, retention, and enrollment through entrepreneurial curriculum projects designed to address student-focused economic, social, and environmental complex problems. The focus will evolve as new strategic plans are unveiled.  

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Our History

The Venture Lab was established as part of 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. The lab was originally described as, "a space for would-be student entrepreneurs, from any discipline, to develop and test business concepts, to breathe life into them and construct a bridge that will connect developed ideas of value to the first sale of their product or service".

Our Location

Venture Lab Doors located on the ground-level east side of Kyle Hall. (left end of the building.)

You can find us in Kyle Hall!

If you are walking toward Kyle Hall from campus, look for the ground-level door on the east side of Kyle Hall (left end of the building).

If you are already inside of Kyle Hall, note that not all elevators have access to the basement. Be sure to use the elevators on the east side of the building (near the faculty offices) to Level B.