Graphic Identity

University Relations is tasked with the reinforcement of the Radford University brand across campus and in the community. Strength and unity in our message and a professional look in our publications are extremely important for supporting the brand.

Brand Guide

Our brand consists of much more than our logo or colors. Download the Radford University Brand Guide for a comprehensive view of the brand and how to incorporate it into your materials.

These guides are subject to updates, so please check back frequently. After reviewing the guides, additional questions about the brand may be directed to Please allow ample time for a response.

PowerPoint Template

The university PowerPoint template is available for download for official university use, including off-site locations. Use of the template for other purposes must be pre-approved. Contact to use the template. Please allow ample time for a response. 

Access to Logo Files

The core university logos are available for download, as well. All use must conform to the guidelines in the brand guide or condensed logo guide included in the core logo ZIP file. Use of the logo outside of the university system must be pre-approved. Other parties may request to use the logo through Please allow ample time for a response.

Individual unit lockups can be found online.

Vendors must request logo lock-up files through their customers at the university.