IPad Cart Policies

General Policies for Reserving iPads

  • iPad carts are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations can be made by College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) faculty through the Teaching Resources Center. *Please include course prefix and location when making reservations.
  • iPad carts can only be used in Peters Hall and should be picked up from Fritz Schindler in Peters C145. If you do not teach in Peters Hall and are interested in using the iPads please contact us.
  • Free apps can be added by request – one week notice is required when requesting installation of apps. Submit free app installation requests to Fritz Schindler.
  • iPads from the carts will not check out individually to students or faculty.
  • It is possible to reserve only a portion of the cart (see Cruzer section). Please include information regarding the number of iPads you will need in your reservation request.

Cruzer Checkout Procedures

  • If you are reserving 10 or fewer iPads, we will give you the Cruzer. The Cruzer is a rolling, protective case that holds up to 10 iPads and chargers.
  • The Cruzer can be used outside of Peters Hall and is currently the only option for classes held in other buildings.
  • The Cruzer can also be used in Peters Hall when faculty need 10 or fewer iPads for class. This allows us to keep the remainder of the cart available for other faculty/classes.

Picking Up / Returning the iPads

  • You can go directly to C145 to pick up the iPad cart or Cruzer. If C145 is closed or if Fritz Schindler is unavailable, please come to the TRC to get a staff person.
  • Fritz Schindler will come speak to your class the first time you reserve the iPads. He will go over the basics of caring for and using the iPads with you and your students. Please plan on this taking about five minutes at the beginning of class. If your class begins after 5 p.m., please make arrangements to meet with Fritz before your class so that he can tell you what to tell your students.
  • When returning the cart or Cruzer, please make sure that all iPads are placed back in the cart neatly and in the correct order.
  • If returning the iPads after 5 p.m., please come down or send a student to the TRC to let us know that we need to let you in C145. 
  • IPads must be returned by 9 p.m. when the TRC closes.