When using the Teaching Resources Center (TRC), we ask that you abide by the following policies to respect our resources and the others working in the Center.

No cell phone calls. Please place your phone on vibrate or silent.  If you must take phone calls, please take them out in the hallway. The TRC is not a large space and phone calls can be very disruptive.

No food.  Please take food/snacks into the hallway. If you need to, you can leave your food at the circulation desk while you print, check email, check out resources, etc.

Drinks with lids allowed. Drinks with appropriate lids are allowed in the TRC. Examples of drinks that are not allowed include cans and open cups. 

Inclement Weather Hours

Please call (540) 831-5000 to check Radford University's closing information. The TRC follows Radford University's procedure when classes are cancelled due to inclement weather. The Center will close when the President's Office announces a closing day or time.