Radford University has taken the following measures to have more sustainable dining operations:

  • Radford University began offering trayless dining during the 2007 Earth Week to help reduce food wastes and water costs. It went so well, that Radford University is now trayless all the time and saves about 5,000 pounds of waste a week.
  • Choose coffees that take a more sustainable approach by purchasing 100% Fair Trade, organic, shade-grown coffee, organic teas and cocoas, helping to ensure that farmers around the world receive a fair wage and can support their families, and that the natural habitat they live and work in is preserved. Learn more from Dining Services.
  • Cage-Free Eggs, Sustainable Seafood-partnered with the Monterey Bay Sea Aquarium to shift purchasing standards toward sustainable seafood sources; local Growth Hormone-Free Milk; Trans-Fat Free Oils and more.