Green Office Certification

Make your office a Certified Green Office!

The Green Office Certification program is designed to promote sustainable behavior and support our offices in going green. Participants can be individuals in an office, everyone in an office suite, or even an entire department.

Participating offices will collaborate with Radford University Sustainability to increase efficiency and decrease the environmental impacts of their operations with respect to specific categories like water, energy, paper, waste, purchasing, and transportation. You will earn a Green Office Certification by meeting requirements listed in the Certification checklist.

How to Participate

1.    Select a “Green Office Rep” from your office. This person will contact the RU Sustainability Green Office Coordinator. The Green Office Rep will be responsible for completing the checklist and will act as the contact between your office and the RU Sustainability.      

2.    Visit the Radford University Green Office Certification webpage to learn about the program and download the Green Office Checklist.

3.    Complete the checklist and then schedule a meeting with RU Sustainability’s Green Office Coordinator to review, answer questions, and/or discuss a plan to improve your score. The     Green Office Coordinator will provide continued support throughout the process. Keep the checklist posted or available for all office members to see and use.

4.    As you reach new goals, record what you’ve done and check them off, or stick with your original submission. When you are ready, submit the completed checklist to RU Sustainability     via email or in person.  

5.    Receive your Green Office Certification, post it proudly in your office, and celebrate your success.

6.    Recertify a minimum of once every two years (or as frequently as you’d like if you want to advance your certification level).

Certification Levels

  • 15 Points - Bronze Rating
  • 20 Points - Silver Rating
  • 25 Points - Gold Rating
  • 28 Points - Platinum Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should I contact for help? Jaxon Emery, Green Office Coordinator
  • What do I get for participating? A beautiful certificate to display in your office and a sense of pride for making the world a better place. Also, if you need water bottles, we can help. 
  • We need recycle bins. Where do I get these? Contact RU Recycling Coordinator at x7207,, or use the Recycling Bin Request Form
  • Where do we get Fill It Forward bottle tags? Come by the Sustainability Office in 125 Whitt Hall. 

More to come soon...