Frequently Asked Questions

General EO77 Questions

  • Why is RU participating in EO77?
  • Executive Order 77 applies to Radford University and all Virginia public colleges and universities.
  • What changes can I expect to see on campus? 
  • Starting during summer 2021, the following items will begin disappearing and will be replaced with non-plastic alternatives. 
  • Plastic Cutlery (alternatives include reusable or compostable cutlery)
  • Plastic + polystyrene food containers (alternatives include reusable or compostable food containers)
  • Plastic Straws (alternatives include compostable straw or sippy-cup lids)
  • Single-use Plastic Bags (alternatives include reusable bags, paper bags, bagless)
  • Plastic Water Bottles (alternatives include reusable bottles, bottle refill stations, or aluminum cans)
  • Facilities Management will launch a pilot program to assess options for reducing and eventually eliminating plastic trash can liners.
  • Does this apply to Radford University laboratory and research equipment?
  • No, laboratory and research equipment are exempt.
  • What else is exempt?
  • Items identified as eligible for a medical, public health, and/or public safety exemption.
  • It’s after July 21, why do I still see some of these items on campus?
  • State agencies and institutions are encouraged to use existing inventory of single use plastic items rather than dispose of them. Additionally, transition to some new items will take time to ensure supply can meet demand. Most cessation items will be eliminated by the end of the Fall 2021 semester, some items from the National Brands may remain through Spring 2022. 
  • Can I still bring my own single-use plastic water bottles and other single-use plastic food containers?
  • EO77 does not prohibit employees from bringing materials into the workplace. However, agencies should encourage employees to use reusable containers.
  • Why don’t we have a composting program at Radford University?
  • There is not an industrial composting facility that collects food waste and other compostable material in our immediate area. 
  • What about catering for events and off-campus food purchases?
  • Events catered by Chartwells and Dining Services on campus will comply with EO77. If you are purchasing food off campus with Radford University budget for employees, students, or events, the purchase must comply with EO77. 
  • What will happen at large events on campus?
  • Large events on campus will comply with EO77.
  • Where can I learn more about RU’s waste and recycling systems?
  • Radford University Recycling webpage 

Visit the official EO 77 Webpage

See the DEQ EO77 Frequently Asked Questions for more information


What can I do to help reduce waste on campus?

  • Pick up a refillable water bottle and refill at a bottle filling station.  Put a Fill It Forward sticker on it! Prevents waste and saves you money. 
  • Pick up a reusable mug and use it instead of a disposable. 10% discount at coffee shops!
  • Fill a reusable cup or bottle at the soda fountain instead of purchasing disposable bottles and cans out of a vending machine. 
  • Bring along a reusable bag to carry your purchases and decline disposable bags whenever possible. 
  • Take your bookbag to the book store to carry your new books. 
  • Eat in, rather than taking away. 
  • Ask about a reusable takeout container program. 
  • Bring your reusable utensils and straws, and forget about the disposable ones.
  • More to come!