Mentoring Academically Successful Highlanders Program (MASH)

The mission of Radford University’s MASH program is to provide academically at-risk students an upper class Peer Academic Leader (PAL) who will guide them through the academic and social challenges associated with college. Mentees will leave the program with knowledge of campus resources, academic best practices and a personalized success plan. PALs encourage first year students to embrace college life while recognizing importance of overcoming the many demands in order to successful pursuing their academic goals.


What does MASH stand for?

Mentoring Academically Successful Highlanders

What is the MASH program?

The MASH program pairs incoming first-year students with sophomore, junior or senior mentors (MASH PALs). 

What is a MASH Pal?

MASH PALs (peer academic leaders) are academically successful undergraduates who serve as mentors for first-semester students. They are trained peer leaders with excellent communication and learning skills. They are well versed in university policy, traditions and more! MASH PALs meet with their assigned students once a week and also help facilitate the Workshop Wednesday series.

MASH Requirements

In order to successfully complete the MASH program, participants will:

  • Meet with their MASH PAL (Peer Academic Leader) once a week.
  • Pass a 1 credit section of UNIV 100.

I am proud to say that being in the MASH program taught me my strengths and weaknesses as a student."