Special Interest

AIGA: Radford

AIGA: Radford is a student group dedicated to providing creative opportunities and contests to graphic design and art majors as well as those students interested in graphic arts.

American Sign Language Club

ASL Club is open to anyone interested in learning about American Sign Language and Deaf culture and how those skills will be invaluable to you throughout your life and career. All skill levels are encouraged to join! No sign language experience required!

Anination (Anime)

A place to gather, meet new people and watch anime.

The Beehive

The Beehive is Radford University's Student-Run Yearbook/Magazine that is published once a year to remember the events and memories of the year.


We are here to educate Radford University students and others around the area about billiards and give skills needed to play.

Car Club at Radford University

Local car meets where students and public may bring their cars to display and meet with local car enthusiasts to socialize and to spread awareness for local charities and foundations.

Cinema Society

We're just a cool club tryna find a chill group who likes movies. We talk about upcoming movies, discuss film related interests, and find updates on movie news and test our knowledge with trivia.

Coven of Inguz-Hagalaz-Sowlo

We are an organization for practitioners of magic on our college campus! We are a secular coven, meaning every and any religion is welcome- even if you don't have one! A coven is a group of witches who practice, do rituals, and learn together.

Cyber Defense Club

The Cyber Defense Club is devoted to providing an environment for our members to expand and share their skills and experience in the cyber security field.

Dungeon & Dragons Guild

Come play D&D and other tabletop RPGs.

Esports Club

This club provides a friendly community for gamers within the university, as well as the option of taking their gaming to the next level by competing nationally with other schools, clubs, and teams.

Fashion Society of Merchandise & Design

Fashion Society is a community of fashion-lovers who aim to not only discuss the current fashion trends of today's society but also help to boost the self-esteems of students and their sense of fashion.

Financial Management Association

Financial Management Association International is to be the global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision making.

Fishing Club

This organization will be getting a whole new aspect for the 2017-2018 school year. The club will no longer be just for College bass tournament angling but will be geared towards people of all skill levels.

Green Team Environmental Club

We are a group of students that strive to promote the importance of embracing a sustainable lifestyle. We host many fun events on campus throughout the year to help engage students in sustainability initiatives. Anyone can join at any time!

Medieval Studies Club

To educate and entertain students of Radford University with the sciences, arts, and traditions of the Medieval periods while connecting this knowledge to current trends and relevant discussion.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club at Radford University welcomes those who have a general interest in psychology and psychological principles. All majors as well as minors with any GPA can join.

Radford on Camera (ROC-TV)

ROC-TV is Radford’s video production club. You will learn from experienced YouTube content creators on how to be successful on YouTube.

Radford University Nintendo Club

The purpose of the club is to create an atmosphere for the Nintendo community and the different types of games and events that will happen within the community. We will play Nintendo licensed video games and we will talk about Nintendo related events.

Radio Broadcasting Club

The Radio Broadcasting Club seeks to give its students an engaging introduction to the field of communications.

RU Outdoors

RU Outdoors is dedicated to providing challenging outdoor adventures to the Radford University community in the safest manner possible.

RU-EMS (Emergency Medical Services)

RUEMS is a first responder basic life support all-volunteer rescue squad staffed by students of Radford University. We currently respond to all medical and major emergencies on campus as well as mutual aid to the City of Radford.

Selu Garden and Service Club

Radford University's Selu Garden and Service Club is self-governing club that grows and donates crops to local food banks and teaches students useful skills in organic and sustainable farming.

Skeet and Trap Club

Skeet and Trap is a club at Radford formed by a fun group of Highlanders who love the sport of shooting clay targets. We don't discriminate based on skill level, nor do we hold try-outs!

SMADS (Student Media Advertising)

Student Media Advertising, or SMADS, provides advertising sales and advertising design services for all of Highlander Student Media, and helps manage the business side of these revenue-generating organizations.

The VEX Robotics Club

The VEX Robotics Club at Radford University aims to teach students to design and build robots for VEX competitions. It allows students to work as a team to accomplish a common goal and gain experience in STEM.

The Wildlife Society

Students get involved in the world of wildlife by meeting professionals and gaining advice from their experiences and research, as well as getting to work with and handle wildlife hands on at our many events offered every year.


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