General Services

The Student Health Center provides basic health care to students on an outpatient basis, Monday through Friday Fall/Spring Semester and Monday through Thursday Summer Sessions. The health center is equipped to provide diagnosis and treatment for the most common health problems encountered by students. More serious medical situations are referred to a network of local specialists.  All registered students currently enrolled at Radford University can receive the following services:

Primary Care

Our team of providers are experienced in treating medical problems encountered on college campuses. We offer initial diagnosis and treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses, injuries, appropriate follow-up care, and physicals. Our providers can also care for chronic illnesses, as well as perform surgical procedures in the office.

24/7 Nurse Line

Healthcare advice is never more than a phone call away: 866-205-2164. Our 24/7, toll-free telephone service puts you in touch with a registered nurse who can help assess any health issues or medical problems, provide you with self-care information, or offer appropriate referrals. Please note that any student calling the nurse hotline will receive a follow up call from a Student Health nurse on the next business day.

There will not be a return phone call to the student from Student Health if someone other than the student calls this service.

During business hour please call 540-831-5111 for appointments.

Specialty Care/Referral

As a member of the largest healthcare system in Southwest Virginia, we have direct access to specialist for the students who have more complex medical conditions. 

Immunizations and Travel Health

We provide preventive immunization services, including meningococcal, hepatitis, Gardasil, and tetanus/pertussis vaccinations. Our staff is available to counsel students on the proper immunizations needed for travel, and we will help arrange for country- specific immunizations at the local health department 

Flu Clinic

Flu shots are available every year during the fall and spring semesters and are announces at the begining of the flu season. Flu clinics are held on campus during this time. A flu clinic is held for all athletes at the athletic complex during this season. Dates and location are announced during each flu season.    

Allergy Injections

We will administer allergy shots using the antigen supplied by your allergist and with your physician’s written instructions. This service is offered by appointment only. There is a five dollar charge per appointment for injections. After your allergy injection you will have to wait 30 minutes in the health center to be checked by a nurse. Failure to abide by Carilion Clinic Family Medicine guidelines will end in a dismissal from this service. 

Laboratory and Radiology

Lab services [PDF] are available at the health center. Lab tests include strep, flu, mono, and glucose. We also provide tuberculosis (TB) screening with blood test only. Additional tests will be sent to Carilion Clinic/Quest Diagnostics. Radiology services can be ordered after evaluation. Radiology images will be obtained at the Carilion Clinic less than five miles away. Once obtained your student health provider will review the radiology reports and digital images. For more expensive tests, you can opt to bill your health insurance carrier. Please make sure you have a copy of your insurance card with you at your appointment. If you have concerns about payments, please visit Student Health fees page


We provide over-the-counter medications as well as an appropriate range of prescription medications. This pharmacy service will only dispense prescriptions written by the student health providers. 

Women’s Health

Our staff provides a range of gynecological services to treat the needs of our female students. Services include assessment and treatment of infectious diseases, annual examinations, pregnancy testing, and birth control. Gynecological services are available by appointment by calling 540-831-5111 or schedule yourself via MyChart.

Note: In order to receive contraceptive services, students must have had a gynecological exam, including pap smear (typically requred if 21 or older), within the last year. If this has been done elsewhere, we need a copy of the exam and pap report. If a student has not had an exam, we will provide this service. This requirement does not apply to any other services.

Men’s Health

We counsel, diagnose, and support the specific needs of men. We provide information on contraception, as well as education and screenings for sexually transmitted infections and testicular cancer. 

Health Education/Wellness Programming

We assist you in achieving greater personal well- being, building stronger interpersonal relationships, and forging a strong sense of community. We offer individual help on a variety of topics such as alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; sexual health; fitness and nutrition; eating disorders; and stress management. Other educational programs also reach residence hall students, clubs and organizations, and academic classes. 


Medical records are strictly confidential. Information will not be released without written authorization from you for each individual visit, except by a court order. Medical release of information forms are available at the student health center. 

Services not provided

There are some services that Radford University's Student Health Services do not provide. Those services include:

  • Emergency care for serious or life-threatening illness or injury, please call 911. 
  • Evaluation, treatment, or medications for serious psychiatric disorders
  • Medical services after regular hours or during official school holidays or breaks
  • Evaluation for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Emergency medical services are available at the Carilion New River Medical Center. Ambulance service is available to the campus and a state-licensed emergency medical unit run by student volunteers is also available.