Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if my student becomes ill when the Student Health center is closed? What services are available?

    The Student Health Center provides a 24-hour, 7 day-a-week, toll-free telephone service which will put the student in touch with a Registered Nurse who will assess any health/medical problems and provide self-care information or offer appropriate referrals.  Reports of all student calls are faxed to the Student Health Center and reviewed by the first shift nurse with follow-up as needed (provided the student leaves his or her name and telephone number). The number for this service is: 1-866-205-2164.

    The local emergency department is located in the New River Valley Medical Center, another Carilion Clinic facility, and is less than 5 miles from campus.  The phone number is 540-731-2000.  There is an on-campus and a community EMS; both with excellent response time.

  2. Will my insurance cover visits to the health center?

    The Health Center does no third party billing.  Fees at the Health Center are greatly discounted and students are asked to pay at the time of service.  They may use MasterCard, Visa, Discover, RU Express, American Express, cash, or personal checks.  Students are given an encounter form with diagnosis at the end of each visit.  These may be filed by the student with their insurance company for possible reimbursement.

    If lab work is ordered at the Student health Center, students have a choice of payment options:

    The student may pay directly to the Student Health Center (prices are discounted)
    The student may elect to have the lab bill their insurance. The student must provide their insurance card at the time lab work is drawn. If insurance does not pay, it will be the student's responsibility. The Health Center discounted prices will not apply. The Student Health Center will charge a $5.00 veni-puncture fee that is the student's responsibility.

    Students need to have their insurance information with them on campus in case of emergencies and referrals for specialty care.  Parents/guardians are advised to contact their insurance company about coverage in the Radford area.

  3. Is health insurance available to student through the university?

    No, there is not a student health insurance option at Radford University at this time.

  4. How can I help my student learn to take responsibility for his or her own healthcare needs?
  • Suggest your son or daughter visit the health center and pick up a Student Health Center brochure which lists services and contact information.
  • It is important for them to know their own health history:  allergies to medications and foods, significant family medical history, medication list (including doses, frequency, and purpose).
  • Make sure they carry a copy of their health insurance card with them at all times, and that they know what coverage they have and how to contact the insurance company.
  • Make sure they have turned in their Health Record form to  Student Health Services.  (For pertinent medical history, attach copy of records from the treating physician.) Failure to turn in a completed Health Record form will result in your child being blocked from registration. 
  • Supply them with basic first aid supplies: digital thermometer, band-aids, cold and sinus medication, over the counter medications that have worked for them in the past, chemical cold pack, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc.
  • Share with them the basics of how to make an appointment:  describe symptoms, duration and severity of symptoms, any medications taken, temperature, etc.  Remind them to have their class schedule available when scheduling an appointment.
  • Suggest that your son or daughter obtain a flu immunization.  We evaluate and treat numerous students with acute influenza during flu season which usually appears during the most academically intense and stressful periods of fall and/or spring semester. 
  • Remind them that in order for information to be released to anyone about their healthcare, they must sign a release.  Once your son or daughter has signed a release, the Health Center welcomes the opportunity to talk with you.