Insurance and Billing

The student health fee, included in each year's tuition, covers the majority of services provided by the RU Health Center therefore, there is no office visit/co-pay to be seen. There are however, minimal fees for some in house procuedures/tests, click here for the most current in house price list. The most common tests/procedures are highlighted in yellow. **Insurance cannot be used for the services listed on this price list**

Student health offers student pricing for outside labs as well. For outside labs, students may use their insurance card or pay the student price out of pocket. Click here for our out of house, cash price for labs. The most common labs are highlighted in yellow. Should you wish to use your insurance card instead of paying the student cash price, Student Health will be happy to send a copy of your insurance card to the lab company for processing.

Please come to your appointment prepared to pay for the services rendered.  Student Health accepts RU Express, cash, check and all major credit cards.


Payment for medications

View our current student prescription price list. The most commonly precribed are highlighted in yellow.

Students will be responsible for the cost of any medication ordered, WHETHER PICKED UP OR NOT. You will be asked to pay for all pharmacy orders at the time of checkout. 

* If you do not pick up your medication in two weeks it will be returned to the pharmacy and will no longer be available to you. You will not receive a refund.


A Note About RU Health Center and Private Medical Insurance

RU Health Center does not accept insurance nor do we directly bill insurance companies. If requested, we will provide you an itemized statement to submit to your insurance carrier. Reimbursement from your insurance company is entirely your responsibility. To request an itemized statement, stop by RU Health Center.

Questions regarding RU Health Center medical records or billing information can be asked by calling 831-5111.