To make an appointment, please call 831-5111. Making an appointment is the most effective way to see a healthcare provider. 

Preparing for your appointment

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you are unable to keep this appointment, please call within one hour to cancel. 
What to bring to your appointment

  1. Your insurance card- while not necessary your insurance card can be used pay for lab fees and prescription medications.
  2. Please bring the necessary forms with you to your appointment. This will ultimately shorten the length of appointment and wait times.


  • If you have an appointment that is not GYN related -  you need to fill out the Female History Form
  • If you have an appointment that is GYN related and are a new patient -  you need to fill out Female History Form and GYN History Form
    • (GYN refers to services which are gynecological - i.e. pap smear, pelvic exam)
  • If you have a GYN appointment and plan to request birth control, please use one of these tools before your appointment to help you decide what birth control method may be best for you:


Fill out the Male History Form and bring it with you.