Overview of Process

Allegations of Standards Violation

If you have been alleged of violating the Radford University Standards of Student Conduct (Standards), you will be asked to meet with a staff member in the Office of Student Standards and Conduct or Residential Life. Generally the meeting will follow the outline below:

  • Introductions and getting to know you.
  • Discuss the incident and hear your understanding of what occurred.
  • Discuss the letter you recieved that outlines the alleged charges and discuss how the noted Standards sections apply to the allegations.
  • You will have an option to accept responsibility or not accept responsibility for the charges.

If you do not accept responsibility for the allegations then a conduct hearing will be convened to determine if it is “more likely than not” that a violation of the Standards occurred and, if so, what sanctions are appropriate.

In incidents that involve allegations related to academic integrity charges under the Standards, most often the initial meeting will be held with the instructor of the course in which the violation may have occurred. If you accept responsibility for your actions and the related charges, the faculty member will often assign a grade penalty as a part of the sanctions. If you do not accept responsibility, then the faculty member will refer the case to the Office of Student Standards and Conduct. All other process options outlined above apply in incidents involving academic misconduct.