Staff Senate Constitution

Article I - Name

The name of this organization is the Staff Senate of Radford University, hereinafter referred to as the Staff Senate.

Article II - Purpose

The purposes of the Senate are:
A.  To accept and share responsibility with the administration, faculty, and students in all efforts to attain the stated goals of the university.
B.  To serve as the representative body for the classified and (1,500 hour) wage employees of the university, hereinafter referred to as the support staff.
C.  To act in an advisory capacity to the university administration and governance structure.
D.  To appoint or recommend staff representatives to the university wide, standing committees and other ad hoc committees as appropriate.
E.  To provide a two-way medium for the exchange of information between the staff and the administration.
F.  To foster a spirit of unity and cooperation.
G.  To provide referral for individual and/or general staff concerns and problems to appropriate organizations or personnel.

Article III – Membership

A.  The Staff Senate shall initially consist of 11 voting senators elected according to the number of employees in each college and administrative division. Areas with less than 60 will have 1 senator. The maximum number of senators for any division will be three (3). All divisions will have adequate representation in respect to the number of employees

  1. Executive – 1 representative to represent classified and wage employees in the Executive Office of the President, Facilities Planning and Construction, Internal Auditor Office, and Human Resources.
  2. Provost/Academic Affairs – 1 representative for the colleges, 2 representative for administrative and support areas - 3 representatives
  3. Finance and Administration – 3 representatives
  4. University Relations – 1 representative
  5. Information Technology – 1 representative
  6. University Advancement – 1 representative
  7. Student Affairs – 1 representative

B.  Each category of employees shall have a minimum of one alternate to serve on the Staff Senate. C.  There shall be six (6) possible non-voting members representing the following university organizations:

  1. One representative from the Faculty Senate,
  2. One representative from the Administrative Professional Staff Senate.
  3. One representative from the Student Government Association,
  4. Past-President of Staff Senate if no longer serving as a member
  5. One member from the Human Resource Department to be called upon as needed by the Staff Senate to serve as a resource person and
  6. A senior university administrator to be appointed by the university president.

Article IV - Term of Office

A.  Term of office for Staff Senate Senators and alternates will be three years. Each term will begin July 1. Terms shall be staggered to permit election of approximately one-third of the Senate body each year. Upon election of the initial Senate, a random selection from all members of that Staff Senate will determine the one-year, two-year, or three-year terms.
B.  Transfer of a representative from one employee category to another shall result in the replacement of that individual by the elected alternate and another alternate will be selected.
C.  A representative may be re-elected but may not serve more than two consecutive elected terms. An appointed term does not count as an elected term. There are no term restrictions on serving as an alternate.
D.  As vacancies occur due to death, termination of employment, transfer, retirement, resignation, or by a majority vote of the Staff Senate to remove a member following three consecutive unexcused absences from regular meetings during any calendar year, the appropriate elected alternate for that department or classification will fill the balance of the term. In the event that the alternate is unable to fill the senate seat and with no one person receiving the majority of the votes from the most recently held election, or due to extenuating circumstances, the board may opt to appoint a senator.
E.  The retiring President of the Staff Senate shall serve as an advisor to the Staff Senate Board for one year. If his/her elected term as a representative has expired, he/she shall serve as a non-voting member of the Staff Senate and the Staff Senate Executive Board.

Article V - Officers

A.  Elected officers of the Senate shall consist of:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Parliamentarian

B.  The Staff Senate may, by two-thirds vote, remove any officer.
C. In the event an officer, excluding the president, shall take office and for some reason be unable or unwilling to complete his/her term of office, a special meeting shall be called and a special election held to fill the vacated office for the remainder of the vacating officer’s term.

Article VI - Elections

A.  Elections for the Senate shall take place no later than March 31 or the last business day prior to that date. Information concerning the election process will be distributed to all support staff (6) weeks prior to March 31.
B.  Officers shall be elected annually by the Staff Senate through use of a secret ballot. Each term will begin July 1.
C.  Officers shall be eligible for re-election, but may not serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
D.  Elections by the Senate shall be conducted in accordance with the Bylaws.

Article VII - Committees

A.  The Senate shall determine what additional standing committees should be established. Bylaws will be revised to address additions of standing committees.
B.  Senate members to the standing committees and university wide committees shall:

  1. Represent the position of the Staff Senate in the discharge of responsibilities.
  2. Inform the Staff Senate of pertinent matters to be considered and action taken by either:
    a. Forwarding copies of meeting minutes to the Secretary within ten days after approval of minutes by the respective standing committees and university wide committees, or
    b. Verbally presenting a summarized report at the next Staff Senate meeting.
  3. Bring matters of staff concern before the respective university wide committee.

Article VIII - Staff Senate Executive Board

A.  The Staff Senate Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, immediate Past-President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and chairs of all standing committees.
B.  The Staff Senate Executive Board shall act on behalf of the Staff Senate between regular meetings. All such actions shall be reported at the next Staff Senate meeting.
C.  The Staff Senate Executive Board shall meet at least once per month at a time to be determined by the committee at its first meeting following annual elections. Other meetings of the Staff Senate Executive Board may be called by the Staff Senate President or at the request of a simple majority of the Staff Senate Executive Board. The Staff Senate Executive Board shall approve all committee memberships. All Staff Senate Executive Board meetings shall be open to the public.

Article IX - Amendments

A.  Except as is provided in B. below, amendments to the Constitution may be acted upon only at a meeting of the Staff Senate. If presented in writing to all members of the Staff Senate at least thirty (30) days prior to a business meeting at which the proposed change is to be considered, such an amendment may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the membership present. Any amendments to such proposed amendments NOT presented in writing to all members of the Staff Senate thirty (30) days in advance of a business meeting may be adopted by at least four-fifths of the members present.
B.  If, in the judgment of the Staff Senate Executive Board, action upon a proposed amendment is desirable before the next business meeting, it may be taken through a mail ballot following presentation of the amendment in writing to all members of the Staff Senate. If two-thirds of the members returning ballots within the succeeding thirty (30) days vote affirmatively, the amendment shall be adopted.

Article X - Adoption of Constitution

This Constitution and any amendments thereby are to become effective immediately upon adoption by vote of the membership, as specified in Article IX, A and B.

Amended and approved – April 18, 2008, Radford University Staff Senate