How to Join SGA

SGA Exec Board, President Hemphill, and his wife

There are two ways to join the Student Government Association: Appointment or Election


Each Spring, the incoming SGA president and his or her Chief of Staff will hold interviews based on an application process. These positions are apart of the President's Cabinet and Staff; for a term no less than 2 academic semesters. 

These positions are:


  • Secretary of Community Service
  • Secretary of Social Outreach
  • Secretary of Highlander Pride
  • Secretary of Diversity Promotion
  • Secretary of Legislative Affairs
  • Secretary of Sustainability
  • Secretary of Health and Wellness
  • Deputy Secretary of Community Service
  • Deputy Secretary of Diversity Promotion
  • Deputy Secretary of Legislative Affairs
  • Deputy Secretary of Sustainability
  • Deputy Secretary of Highlander Pride
  • Deputy Secretary of Diversity Promotion
  • Deputy Secretary of Health and Wellness
  • Deputy Secretary of Social Outreach (2) 


  • Executive Secretary
  • Parliamentarian
  • Historian
  • Director of Website Administration
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Deputy to the President
  • Deputy to the Vice President
  • Deputy to the Chief Activities Officer
  • Deputy to the Chief Financial Officer
  • Deputy to the Chief of Staff
  • Deputy to the Director of Public Relations 

*The President of SGA can appoint positions as needed


Each semester SGA hold student run elections.

Spring Semester
Every Senate and Executive Board seat becomes available. To run for an Executive Board position, it is required that you have 1 year of service in SGA. Unless the position is SGA President, then you are required to have 2 years experience in SGA or 1 year experience in SGA with a Junior Class Standing.

Any enrolled Radford University student is eligible to run for any Senate seat, as long as they meet the constitutional requirements of the desired position.  

Fall Semester
Any Senate seats that were not previously elected in the Spring Semester will be availble for election in the Fall. 

Senate Positions include:

Executive Officers (5)

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Chief Activities Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief of Staff

Class Senators (5)

  • Senior Class Senator
  • Junior Class Senator
  • Sophomore Class Senator
  • Freshman Class Senator
  • Graduate Senator
  • On-Campus Senator
  • Off-Campus Senator

College Senators (8)

  • Davis College of Business and Economics 
  • College of Education and Human Development
  • Waldron College of Health and Human Services
  • College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences
  • Artis College of Science and Technology
  • College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • College of Graduate and Professional Studies
  • Pre-Major Senator
  • Military Service Senator
  • Roanoke Higher Education Campus Senator
  • Radford University Carilion Senator
  • At-Large Senators (2)