Get Involved


Our weekly Senate meetings are open to the entire student body. If you or your club or organization thinks we might be able to help in any way, or if you just want to watch our proceedings, we invite you to join our Zoom meeting at 5 p.m. on Mondays.

If you ever have an immediate concern, please contact us at! We will do our best to work with you to quickly resolve all student issues.

In addition to elected Senators and appointed Cabinet and Staff members, certain SGA members are representatives of Affiliated Councils. These Councils include:

  • Off-Campus Student Council (OCSC)
  • Black Student Alliance (BSA)
  • International Student Affairs Council (ISAC)
  • Class Council
  • Greek Life Representative

Each council plays in integral role in the functioning of SGA. We sponsor many diverse programs and events throughout the year, in addition to representing the opinions and needs of all facets of the student body. We have lots to do, and with your help, all of us together will be even more successful and helpful. If you are interested in joining an SGA committee, please contact us.