student appreciation day

Student Appreciation Days

Student Appreciation Days happen the last Wedensday of every month from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. in the Bonnie. At these events, we give out free pizza and promotional items to students who take a short survey. This event not only allows us to collect data from our students, but also allows us to show our appreciation for our student body.

What Do You Want Wednesdays

What Do You Want Wednesdays (WDYWW) occur every Wednesday during the fall and spring (weather permitting). The SGA members drive a golf cart around campus offering free rides to students in exhange for participation in a short survey. Again these events help us while helping you.

Advocacy Day

This is an event typically in late January or early Feburary in which members of the student body and members of SGA travel to Richmond, Virginia, to talk with Virginia state legislators. It is a two-day trip during which we also have a reception and dinner with Radford University President Penelope W. Kyle, and the members of the Board of Visitors. At the end of our day at the Capitol, we also have an opprotunity to meet with the governor. This is a great experience for networking and, more importantly, for the celebration and promotion of Radford University. If you are interested or have more questions about Advocacy Day, please contact Nick Thayer, the Legislative Action Coordinator, at

Voting Action Office

Students serve as Deputy Registrars in order to civically engage and efficiently register their student peers to vote. Through this program the Student Government Association is striving to incentivize all students at Radford University to fulfill their civic obligation.