Internal Governance

One of the various ways SGA represents the voice of the student body is through participation in internal governance committees. These committees are the students’ eyes and ears to what is going on throughout various levels of RU governance. It is SGA’s duty to report the business of these committees to the student body.

Internal governance committees are a joint undertaking of students, faculty, staff, and the administration, and they oversee and recommend policies and programs concerning just about anything going on at Radford, from dining services to parking to student evaluation of faculty to student health.

There is at least one student representative on each internal governance committee. This person is required to attend all meetings of their respective committees and report relevant information to SGA. 

Academic Advising
2017-2018: Brady Guertin

Academic Program Review Committee
2017-2018: Brittney Stowe

Building and Grounds
2017-2018: Hannah Kale and Karla Colina

Clubs and Organizations
2017-2018: Cheyenne Huff and Colleen McNickle

Dinning Services Advisory
2017-2018: Julianna Stanley, Cody Hartley, Brock Barnes, Kylie Knudsen, and Julea Ambrozaitis

Faulty Awards
2017-2018: Brady Guertin

Info Tech Advisory Committee
2017-2018: Regan Guggolz

Parking & Traffic Committee
2017-2018: Amber Hairston

Student Affairs Committee
2017-2018: Julianna Stanley, Cody Hartley, Brock Barnes, Kylie Knudsen, and Julea Ambrozaitis

Student Athlete Appeals
2017-2018: Autumn Molden and Hunter Mundy

Student Evaluation of Faculty
2017-2018: Jack Foley

Undergraduate Curriculum and Catalog Review
2017-2018: Netsant Dadi

Academic Policies and Procedure Committee
2017-2018: Conner Philson and John Boelshe

Book Store Advisory Committee
2017-2018: Victoria Leeks and Nina Ghafori

Convocation & Commencement
2017-2018: Brittney Stowe 

Core Curriculum Advisory
2017-2018: Blair Hurst

Diversity and Equity Action Committee
2017-2018: Kendall Mallory and Mykole McCray

Graduate Student Affairs Council   
2017-2018: Jesse Harden

Intercollegiate Athletics
2017-2018: Cerra Ebekke and Aaron Sarmiento

Planning and Budget Committee
2017-2018: Lucas Hodge and Borian Moffo

Student Activity and Facilities
2017-2018: Colleen McNickle, Lawrence Davin, and Susannah Dixon

Student Awards
2017-2018: Nina Ghafori and Walker Hendricks

Student Health Advisory
2017-2018: Alyssa Holland and Nakayla Harrison

University Performance Series
2017-2018: David Ratliff (Theatre Major), Nick Huber (Art Major), Lauren Murphy (Dance Major), and Charlotte Bucy (Music Major)