Constitution and Bylaws

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Radford University Student Government Association and shall henceforth be known as the Student Government Association or the SGA. 

Article II - Authority and Purpose

The authority and purpose of this organization shall be to:

  1. Represent the students at Radford University and to supply channels through which students may express opinions.
  2. Broaden students’ understanding of the policies of Radford University and the policies and activities of the SGA.
  3. Seek, secure, and protect the rights of all Radford University students.
  4. Evaluate Radford University and SGA policies and recommend revisions to these policies when deemed necessary.
  5. Select and appoint student members of Radford University to Internal Governance councils and committees unless their selection and appointment is otherwise designated.
  6. Create or eliminate positions and committees needed to fulfill the purpose of the SGA.
  7. Provide services for the students of Radford University. SGA sponsored services will not be in competition with those provided by Radford University.
  8. Raise funds and regulate the expenditure of these funds, subject to the approval of the SGA advisor.
  9. Revise the bylaws of the SGA Constitution, subject to the approval of the Board of Visitors.
  10. Regulate the expenditure of Student Activities Funds.
  11. Represent student concerns on a statewide level of information sources and/or lobbies to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth.
  12. Provide leadership development opportunities, which appreciate, understand, and celebrate diversity.

Article III – Delegation of Authority and Purpose

To represent the student body through the authority delegated by the Vice President for Student Affairs, the President, and the Board of Visitors of Radford University.

Article IV – Membership

All students are represented by and shall have the opportunity to become members of the SGA upon enrollment at Radford University.

Article V – Organization

The governing bodies of the SGA shall exercise executive and legislative authority and service functions. 

Article VI – Parliamentary Procedure

Roberts Rules of order, newly Revised, shall govern in all matters pertaining to the SGA not stated in the Constitution or bylaws.

Article VII – Amendments

Section A – A proposed amendment must be submitted to the presiding officer of the SGA Senate. After presentation to the Senate, the proposal shall be tabled for one meeting for proper consideration.

Section B – A quorum of two thirds of all members eligible to vote at that period in time must be present for consideration of amendments of the constitution.  Amendments to the constitution must be approved by a two/thirds majority vote of all eligible voting members of the Senate.

Section C – If duly passed by the Senate, the proposed amendment shall be submitted for the approval to the Vice President for Student Affairs.  The Vice President of Student Affairs may approve, reject, or propose modifications to the amendments. Should the Vice President for Student Affairs reject or propose modifications of duly approved amendments, the Vice President must inform the SGA Executive Board and Senate and provide a rationale for the denial or the proposed modifications.   A two/thirds majority vote of all eligible voting members of the Senate must approve changes or modifications.  The prior constitution remains in effect until a revised constitution is duly approved by the Senate and approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs.