Recovery United

The office of Substance Abuse and Violence Education Support services (SAVES) houses the Collegiate Recovery Program at Radford University. As part of the Division of Student Affairs, SAVES began developing the CRP in September 2016. The mission of this CRP is to provide a safe, comfortable environment for students in recovery to strive academically, attend to their emotional and physical well-being with trained professionals, and connect socially with other students in recovery and allies to students in recovery.

SAVES houses the “recovery lounge” and dedicated space to hold group-counseling sessions, SMART Recovery meetings, and room to grow in the future. 

SAVES recognizes the need to support any student who is interested in learning more about recovery, so all students are welcome to attend SMART Recovery meetings on campus, which are facilitated by the Director of SAVES, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. SAVES is also open to providing consultations for students who have questions about entering recovery or express ambivalence about joining a group setting.

SAVES is committed to growing and developing this small community with hopes to offer more services in the future, such as a recovery focused skill building group, a process group for students in recovery, and more. We encourage students to join with SAVES in building a new tradition on campus.