LiveWell is funded by a grant driven at promoting healthy behaviors on campus. The mission of the team working to fulfill the stipulations of the grant is to use a holistic health approach to uplift students. LiveWell gives students a reliable source of information about healthy living. We borrow information from evidence-based literature to inspire students to make health-conscious decisions. The information gathered promotes a positive mind, body, and spirit for college students undergoing the routine stressors of a college lifestyle.

A large goal of the LiveWell campaign is to address and raise awareness about substance misuse on campus. Reducing harm caused by substances to students is a large part of what drives the LiveWell campaign outreach on campus. The campaign addresses common misperceptions about student drinking behaviors and debunks myths about the use of alcohol on Radford’s campus. LiveWell focuses on the positive choices being made by the majority of students, and attempts to share these successes with the student body through outreach and social media. 

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