Substance Abuse and Violence Education Support (SAVES) offers programs and services to aid and educate the Radford University community in areas such as substance abuse, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking and bystander intervention.

Programs and Services

  • RU Aware. Education and counseling for Radford University drug and alcohol policy violatons.
  • SHAC/Peer Educators. The Student Health Awareness Club (SHAC) Peer Educators is a group of students dedicated to raising awareness about student health issues that sponsors campus-wide awareness events and educational programs. 
  • Educational resources. This link will help you find information relative to the topics of substance abuse, sexual assault, dating violence and other student health issues.
  • LiveWell. LiveWell is an ongoing media campaign dedicated to fostering a healthy campus community by providing accurate information on health-related behaviors and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Step Up! Bystander Intervention. The Step Up program is designed to teach students the strategies and techniques to intervene directly or indirectly in both emergency and non-emergency situations.
  • Counseling is available for students dealing with issues surrounding sexual and dating violence and/or substance abuse.
  • Advocacy and support is provided for sexual violence victims.
  • Consultants for students, parents, faculty and staff are provided.
  • Presentations, trainings, and edcational resources are available for the Radford University community on substance abuse and sexual violence issues (sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and harassment).
  • Support for students seeking resources for substance abuse.