Record Retention

Record Retention Training

Record Retention Training is now available through the Learning Management System (D2L) under OneCampus. The training is located under ‘Record Retention' on the Controller’s Office training and resource page (Once logged into D2L, click Discover, search “Controller’s Office”). Please call 831-7614 if you need assistance locating the training.

The Virginia Public Records Act requires all state agencies to properly maintain public records. Original documents must be retained based on the Library of Virginia’s Retention Schedules.

Procedures for Completing the Certificate of Records Destruction (eRM-3)

Effective November 16, 2020, all Certificate of Records Destruction requests will be made through the Library of Virginia’s eRM-3 webpage. This replaces the current paper forms which will no longer be accepted.

Important Reminder: Pending e-RM3 forms are deleted after 45 days of inactivity.  Deleted forms cannot be reinstated and will require reentry and approval.  Please do not submit forms unless the destruction can be completed within the 45 day timeframe.  

Three roles are required to authorize and report records destruction using the eRM-3:

Form Creator (FC)-Completes eRM-3 form

Approving Official (AO)-Affirms records can be destroyed.  (Supervisor of the area requesting the destruction. For example, Chair, Dean, Manager, Director, etc.).  The form will route to the Approving Official for approval by email based on the information provided on the form by the Form Creator.

Records Officer (RO)-Agency designated officer within the Controller’s Office. The Records Officer name will populate within the form through a drop box menu.  The Records Officer  provides final approval for the destruction of records.

The Library of Virginia has created videos that provides guidance for each of these roles as well as a detailed eRM-3 Guide.

Last Updated: 3/17/2021