Property Loss

Radford University’s insurance coverage plan managed through the Department of Risk Management provides coverage for loss of property under the following circumstances:

  •  Buildings owned by Radford University
  •  Contents of buildings that are owned or leased by the University including fine arts and other property that is in our care, custody and control

The plan does NOT cover:

  • Personal belongings of employees and students that are lost, damaged or stolen from University property.

How to Report a Property Loss

  • Report stolen or vandalized property to Radford University Police Department at 540-831-5500 as soon as loss is discovered.
  • Report losses that have caused and/or may continue to cause damage to property to Radford University Facilities Management at 540-831-7800.
  • In the case of an active event (such as a fire, weather event such as tornado, flooding, etc.) The first priority is always personal safety. Inform first responders (police/fire/rescue) aware of anyone who may be in harm’s way (such as a building/structure/vehicle).
  • If safe to do so, take measures to ensure the damage does not continue. (Example, if water is leaking into an area, cover/move files, furniture, etc. out of area or away from water.) 
  • Take photos of the damaged area if/when safe to do so.
  • As soon as possible, write a narrative of the timeline of events to include but not limited to the following: names of parties involved, when the loss was discovered, actions that were taken to prevent further damage and any repairs that were made.
  • Contact the Radford University Office of Risk Management at 540-831-7204 to report the incident and to coordinate the necessary information/documentation needed to file a claim.