• While traveling for the University, I was involved in an auto accident. How do I go about reporting the incident and will I be responsible for the damages?

As an agent of the Commonwealth driving to or from a location for business purposes, you are covered by our CarCare and LeaseCare Insurance. It is important to follow the steps listed on the Auto Accident page.

  • The roof leaked in my office overnight and has damaged my computer. What steps do I take to recover the losses.

See Property Loss page for important information about property losses.

  • A visitor to our office accidently fell on the sidewalk in front of the building. What form should I complete?

Please ensure that medical attention is obtained for anyone who sustains injury by calling the Radford University Police Department 540-831-5500. Be sure to take photos of the area where the accident occurred and complete the Accident Investigation Report form [PDF].

  • I have been asked to destroy records for my department. Where can I obtain information about the process?

See the Record Retention page for information about the process. Also, if additional information is needed, please contact Jeanie Quesenberry at 540-831-7204.

  • I have a question about a Risk Management/Insurance issue that I would like to discuss with someone. Who should I call?

Please call the Office of Risk Management 540-831-7204 regarding any questions or issues you may have that pertain to our insurance coverage and/or potential risks or exposures to Radford University.