Auto Accident

When an auto accident occurs, please follow these steps.

  1. Contact law enforcement - if State owned or operated vehicles are involved, contact either Campus Police, Virginia State Police or Virginia Capitol Police. If outside of Virginia, contact law enforcement for the jurisdiction where the accident occurred.
  2. Cooperate with law enforcement completely during their investigation.
  3. Obtain a copy of the police report as soon as possible and forward to Radford University’s Office of Risk Management, 208 Preston Hall, Box 6923. A copy of the report can be sent via email to:
  4. Take photos of the damages to both cars and the area surrounding the accident.
  5. Fill out the Auto Accident Template Form [PDF] and forward to the Office of Risk Management also.
  6. Please give other drivers who may wish to file a claim, a copy of the Insurance Information Card [PDF].

Insurance Information for Potential Claims:

is an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Our vehicles are covered by the Commonwealth who is self-insured. We have no adjuster or appraisers. If you would like to assert a claim you may gather together all of your supporting documents and submit your claim (along with all details of the incident) to:

Department of Treasury
Division of Risk Management
Post Office Box 1879
Richmond, VA 23218-1879

Once this office receives all of the necessary information they will review the matter and give it settlement consideration.