Norwood Hall

Open to all class standings. Norwood Hall houses approximately 120 students and features 60 double rooms with individual baths and is coed by alternating room. This building is billed at the Standard Building Rate.

Norwood Hall Video Tour

Norwood Hall photo gallery

View photos of Norwood Hall rooms, common areas, restrooms and vending machines.


  • Two beds with extra-long mattresses per double occupancy room. Beds can be lofted as supplies last.
  • Two dressers of varying size with three to five drawers.
  • Two desks with chairs per double occupancy room.
  • One bookshelf per room.
  • Window blinds.
  • Tiled floors.
  • Cable-ready television jack.
  • Telephone jack.
  • At least two Ethernet computer jacks.
  • Heat and air conditioning with thermostat in each room.


  • At least one kitchen.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Study lounges.
  • Common areas.
  • Vending and drink machines.
  • Smoke-free living environments.
  • Easy access for people with accessibility needs.


Clay Donoghue

Resident Director