Room Setup

Furniture information

Rooms are furnished with two beds, two desks and chairs, a double dresser and window blinds. A cable-ready television jack, telephone jack (in-room, local telephone service is optional) and at least two Ethernet computer jacks are also supplied.

Bunking, lofting and elevating beds

Students will be able to loft their beds with a limited number of Radford provided lofting kits.

To maximize space, students may have lofts in most buildings. All lofts must meet the university’s approval and must be able to incorporate the university provided springs and mattress. The beds in all residence halls are loft-able, therefore no personal lofts are allowed on campus.

Students may choose to elevate their bed to create more storage space in the room using bed lifts commonly found in stores and the university bookstore. Cinder blocks may not be used to elevate beds due to safety concerns and increased wear and tear on furniture and room floors. Students who have lofted or bunked their beds may NOT elevate them in any way.

Extra-long linens & bedding information

All rooms have extra-long mattresses so students need to be sure to purchase extra long (sometimes called, "college sized") linens.

Mattress size

All residence halls have extra-long mattresses (36” x 80”).

Recommended sheet size

Bringing sheets that are twin extra long is the best idea, regardless of the bed length. Many students bring mattress toppers (mattress pads, foam egg crates, etc.) to make their beds more comfortable. Extra long sheets can accommodate the extra thickness of these items with the slick surface of the mattress.

Bringing your own mattress

You can bring a twin-size mattress if you would like. Some students use the university mattress like a box spring and add a mattress on top. The Radford University mattress must stay in the room.

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Rooms at Radford University are not carpeted. Carpets are permitted in the students' rooms. Room size varies, but most rooms will accommodate a 10' x 15' carpet. 

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Window and room decorations

Students are encouraged to personalize their rooms. Please keep in mind that rooms must be left in the same condition as when first occupied. Students are not allowed to use nails or tacks to attach posters, pictures, etc. to the walls or molding. Any use of tape or adhesive putty is at your own risk, and you will be held responsible if wall damage or discoloration occurs. Many of our students find that 3M Command Strips work very well for hanging items like posters and photographs.

Decorating walls

Radford University values the safety of all our residents. Therefore, we adhere to the International Fire Safety codes, as interpreted by the State Fire Marshal. This code states that not more than 10 percent of the walls in student rooms may be covered by combustible and/or flammable items. In most cases, this allows 12 square feet to be covered on each of the long, side walls of the room and eight square feet on the wall with a window; six square feet can be covered on the walls opposing the window wall. We encourage you to choose your decorations carefully. Shelving units can be a good method for displaying pictures and other mementos in your room.

Decorating ceilings

According to International Fire Safety codes, nothing can be suspended from or attached to the ceilings, light fixtures, and any fire safety equipment. Therefore, items including glow-in-the-dark stars cannot be placed on the ceiling.

Displaying pictures and other items

While the 10 percent wall coverage rule presents some initial difficulties, there are some clever ways to still display your favorite items. For example, shelving units can be a fairly inexpensive way to display many frames and knickknacks. Folding screens or picture collages can be another way to show pictures in a condensed manner.

Hanging decorations

Students should be thoughtful when hanging items on the wall. For example, duct tape is always a bad choice because it damages the walls.  Adhesive wall putty discolors walls, and double sided foam tape does not remove neatly or easily. Many students recommend using the 3M Command Adhesive products as a way to hang items on the wall; it is still important to use this correctly and gingerly to prevent damage. Nails and tacks cannot be placed in the walls because of the damage they cause. Please note that all residents are responsible for the condition of their room and will be held financially accountable for the damages they cause; suitemates will be held responsible for damages found in common areas.


Working to provide you with a safer living environment, Radford University follows the International Fire Safety codes adopted by the Virginia Commonwealth in 2009. According to these codes, only curtains permitted in the rooms are those that are flame retardant, as shown on the manufacturer’s label on the curtains. Please see the next item to learn about valances as another option for the window.

Window valances

A window valance is a decorative piece of fabric (not more than 8 inches in height) that hangs at the top of the window and is designed to hide the mechanical workings of the horizontal blinds. Valances do not need to be flame retardant as long as their length is no more than 8 inches. Given the construction of our windows, we suggest that you use a tension rod to hang the valance.

Holiday lights

Holiday and rope lights are permitted in the residence halls and are popular with many students. Remaining consistent with the lights manufacturer’s UL listing, up to two strands can be linked together and plugged into the wall.

Beaded curtains

Beaded curtains are permitted in the residence halls, but cannot be placed on the doors leading to the main hallway corridor. For your safety, the beaded curtain and similar items need to be hung in such a manner that they do not prevent occupants from seeing the main door. For example, if you hung a beaded curtain in the area where the room connects to the main hallway corridor, room occupants would need to be able to clearly see the corridor door. Please remember that items cannot be attached to any ceilings.