Returning Students

Welcome back to campus! As a returning student, we value your choice to continue to live on campus. When you live at Radford University, you get the full university experience with convenience and affordability.

Please use the links below for important information regarding housing for returning students.

On-campus housing process for returning students


  1. Must have completed and submitted a Campus Housing Application on-line to be considered
  2. Must have indicated where you are interested in living and with whom you are interested in living with on your On Campus Housing Application by the deadline date.
  3. Must have selected a room during room selection by deadline date.


  1. How do I contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life?
    For verification purposes all students should contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life using their RU email account including their RU ID number.
  2. What do I do if I accidentally start or submit a housing application?
    Contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life using your RU email, Student ID number and FULL name to request that the application be cancelled.
  3. How will I find out my room assignment?
    For currently enrolled students, confirmation about room sign up will be emailed out by the end of spring semester. Final assignments and roommate information will go out the 1st week in August.
  4. What do I do if I change my mind and decided not to live on campus?
    Students must be eligible to live off campus and must submit a Request for Exemption along with any required documentation online.  Incomplete requests will not be considered. Please visit our Agreements page for more information.

Fire safety

University policy

Community living requires that you consider the importance of fire safety and prevention. A sophisticated fire detection system, located in each of the residence halls, monitors and provides 24-hour fire protection for the building. Fire extinguishers are also located in each hallway for your protection.

Radford University and the Commonwealth of Virginia are concerned with fire safety and  have taken these steps to provide you and your fellow residents with appropriate fire protection. Your cooperation is needed to keep the fire equipment in working order.  As a resident, it is your responsibility to report any fire violations to a staff member.  Refer to the Standards of Student Conduct for more details on fire safety.

The fire equipment located in the residence halls (alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler heads, and hall and room smoke detectors) is provided for use in an emergency. Tampering with this equipment is a serious matter which can result in its ineffectiveness during an emergency. Such tampering will lead to University disciplinary action resulting in suspension/dismissal as well as criminal prosecution! Fires can threaten human life and cause significant damage to property. You must realize the important role that you as a resident play in fire safety.

Radford University Housing and Residential Life staff will also conduct monthly fire and safety inspections in all residence hall rooms and university owned and operated apartments.  These will take place between the 1st and 15th of each month.  Ask your RA or RD if you have any specific questions or concerns. See the Personalizing Your Living Space for a list of items that we recommend you bring and leave at home.   

Setting up your room

Only approved appliances may be used in the residence halls. Be sure to turn off and unplug all appliances immediately after use. Remain in your room when an electrical appliance is in use.

Candles/Open flames
Candles, with or without wicks, and other open flame objects are not permitted.

Multiple plug adapters/extension cords
Extension cords are prohibited. ONLY Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) approved power strip (or box) with a built-in circuit breaker and/or reset button is permitted. These strips must not have a cord longer than fifteen feet and should not exceed 15 amps.

To comply with international fire code no more than 10% of room walls and doors can be covered with flammable items.  Also, nothing can be attached to or hanging from the ceiling.  Purchasing shelves to display items is a good way to personalize your room.  Consult your RD for further details on decorations.

Furniture placement
The narrow corridor that leads to the doorway should not be obstructed in any way to impede the exit from your room.  Neat and orderly items stored to provide egress for  emergency evacuations.

Room smoke detectors

Each residence hall room contains a smoke detector. Residents are not required to test the smoke detectors in these buildings—the system monitors to assure they are working.

Residents of University Operated Apartments at Calhoun Street and Davis Street have battery-operated smoke detectors in their rooms. Virginia state law requires that each battery-operated smoke detector be tested weekly and record the results to ensure it is operating properly. To check the detector, simply press the button on the detector, hold, and wait for alarm to sound. If after 5-10 seconds the alarm does not sound, notify your RA or RD immediately. Ensuring your smoke detector is operating is YOUR responsibility. Failure to report non-functioning detectors may result in judicial action.


Any time a fire alarm sounds, you should always assume that a fire exists! University policy mandates that you  must evacuate the building and remain evacuated until notified by university officials that it is safe to reenter.

As leave your room:

  • Close all windows and door
  • Lock door - wear a coat/shoes
  • Take a towel to place over your face in case of smoke
  • Alert your roommate and suitemates if they have not exited the building
  • Exit the building as calmly and quickly as possible using the nearest safe exit.
  • Proceed to designated area and remain until "All Clear" signal is given
  • If an exit is blocked, proceed to the nearest safe exit. If ALL exits are blocked go back to your room, close the door, and call 5500 (Radford University Police Department) to report your location.

If room exit is blocked:

  • Stay calm
  • Seal cracks around door
  • Open window slightly, if there is no smoke outside
  • Tie a wet cloth over your nose and mouth
  • Stay low where air is fresher
  • Signal rescuers by waving a sheet or clothing out of window
  • Do not jump if you are higher than two stories
  • If your clothing should catch on fire, do not run! Stop, Drop, and Roll to smother flames