Pre-Arrival Checklist

Your Roommate(s)

It is a good idea to contact your roommate(s) before move-in so you can get to know each other and make sure the year starts off on a positive note.

  • Call your roommate, introduce yourself, and get to know each other a little so it won’t be as awkward on your first day. 
  • Plan who is going to bring shared items like a TV, DVD player, refrigerator, game systems, etc. 
  • If there are some shared items neither of you has, plan on a shopping trip your first week of school so you can split the shopping list. 
  • Talk about how you will share the room, guests, cleanliness, noise, and what you will do when an issue arises. 

Deal with the Living Details

It isn’t just about packing boxes and shopping for necessities. You need to prepare for living on your own, too.

Health insurance

Radford University requires that you have medical insurance. Before arriving, make sure you’re covered under your parents’ policy (verify out-of-state coverage if you’re coming to us from outside of Virginia) or that you have your own. Make sure that you have all of your insurance information for your room. Copy insurance cards, etc. You can also refer to the Dean of Students website for information on obtaining health insurance to be used in emergencies.

Renters insurance

Radford does not provide residents with insurance so you won’t be covered if there is a fire, flood, or other occurrence which can destroy your belongings. Look into getting renter’s insurance. Policies are typically very inexpensive. If your parents/guardians are homeowners, ask if your room is covered under their homeowners insurance. In many cases, you might already be covered.


If you bank with a national chain, find a branch and a few ATMs close to campus so you can get cash without being hit with fees. You may want to check out our local banks and set up an account when you get here if you don’t have an account or use a local bank at home. You can find ATMs from Wells Fargo, SunTrust, and BB&T banks on campus and there are many banks within walking distance from campus, too.


Mark all of your valuables with unique information so it can be identified in case it is lost/stolen and recovered. Your name or driver’s license number is unique and can help the police find you if they recover it. Avoid putting personal information such as your address or social security number. Consider engraving or using a permanent marker in an inconspicuous place to mark your items. The Radford University Police Department offers engravers for students to use to mark their items.


Label Items if Possible

Labeling your bins and bags with your last name and room number will help ensure they not mixed up with anyone else's items.


Move-in day can be challenging for families who are emotional about bringing a loved one to college. A little bit of patience with our staff, volunteers, and your families will go a long way.

Take a Rest

Late August can be hot in the New River Valley. Make sure you are hydrated and not overdoing it right before classes start or before a long drive home.