Fall 2022 Move-in Information

The Housing and Residential Life Team is excited to welcome residents to campus! Move-in will take place Thursday, August 18th through Saturday, August 20th from 8:00am-6:00pm. As we anticipate your arrival please note the following move-in details. Continue to check this page for updates and important informtion related to check-in and inclement weather changes should they occur. See you soon! 

Check-in Procedures


  • Review your scheduled move-in appointment date and time. Arrive at that scheduled time to prevent overcrowding on move-in days
  • Pack water and snacks - especially if it will be a hot and humid day.
  • Update your emergency contact information by logging into OneCampus.


The parking lots below are designated unloading lots for move-in. They are associated with buildings. Please refer to the move-in map and your housing assignment to know which building and lot you should report to for check-in.

  • Lot F (Muse, Jefferson, Madison)
  • Lot JJ (Governor’s Quad)     
  • Lot M (Moffett, Bolling)
  • Lot DD (Washington, Ingles, Pocahontas, Draper)
  • Printing Services lot (University Operated Apartments)


  • Face masks are optional in indoor spaces regardless of vaccine status. This includes classrooms, common spaces, dining areas unless someone is eating, or other indoor areas where multiple people can gather or engage. All students living in residence halls are strongly encouraged to wear face masks in hallways, lounges and common spaces, as well as when visiting another resident (room other than their own). 
  • Follow the signs that guide you to your designated unloading location.      
  • Report to the designated unloading lot associated with your building assignment (see parking map). 
  • Have your student ID or photo ID ready.


  • Move-in tents are located at each of the designated unloading lots and is where students should begin the check-in process. Your student ID (or photo ID) is required to check into your housing assignment. 
  • At the move-in tent, we will check you into your assigment in StarRez, provide you with a parking hang tag, as well as the room condition form to present at your building to receive your room key. Residents checking into university operated apartments will receive your key at the move-in tent. Our staff will also be present to answer any questions and offer any guidance as you head to your building. 


  • There will be several volunteers present to assist families as they move-in. At our volunteer stations will be stocked with carts and dollies to assist in moving your property.  (Families are also welcome to bring their own carts and dollies to aid in moving belongings.) Volunteers will have on green shirts, so they are easily identifiable. We will also have a Family Hospitality Tent located on Heth Lawn (behind Russell Hall) for family members rest, get water and light refreshments.  Faculty and staff volunteers will be present at the family hospitality tent to answer questions and/or provide guidance and directions. 

GETTING TO YOUR ROOM (residence halls only)

  • You will report to your hall to receive your room key by presenting your Room Condition Form to our staff
  • Once in your room, check everything listed within the Room Condition Form you recived at the check-in tent and document any issues. 
  • Report any facilities issues you may be having to our staff in order that we can investigate and report.
  • We will have loft kits available for check-out at each building. Loft kits will be checked out to students on a first come, first served basis.
  • Troubleshoot cable, electrical outlets, or logging into the computer network with appropriate offices using the IT/Network information provided when at the front desk of your hall (or apartment office). The responsible departments will have crews traveling around the halls to address issues throughout the day.


  • Take trash and recyclables to the designated collection points.
  • If you haven't met your RA yet, take a moment to introduce yourself to them.
  • Be sure to attend your floor meeting.

Apartment Check-In

  • If you plan to arrive with a trailor or more than one vehicle, please park your trailer or extra vehicle at your apartment and take your smallest vehicle to the check in location. 
  • Be sure to only park in University lots (Radford University parking sign with purple stripe).  If you park in non-university lots, your vehicle may be towed.  The University is not responsible for towing resulting from parking in non-university lots.
  • At the check in location you will be provided with your apartment keys (one for the main door and one for your bedroom) and a room condition form to take to your unit to complete. Make sure to add any and all pre-existing damages in your room to the form and then sign and return it to 300 E. Main St.. You will be charged for any damages to the room or furniture when you move out if those damages are not listed on the form, so be thorough before turning it back in.