Living-Learning Communities

Radford University offers several unique living-learning communities that provide residents an opportunity to deeply engage with faculty, academics, and peers with similar interests.

What are LLCs?

LLCs are small groups of students that typically take one or more courses together focusing on a common theme or discipline. Faculty and peer instructor teams work together to assign readings, create assignments and coordinate activities that connect the courses. Students engaged in a learning community are able to build both intellectual and social relationships with classmates and faculty through shared experiences and increased time together. 

Why Join an LLC?

  • Share the same residence hall with students who share your interests
  • Take smaller core classes with your LLC members
  • Sophomore student mentoring from prior LLC members
  • Close faculty relationships to help establish you in your first year
  • Additional funding for social activities and trips
  • Research shows that students who participate in LLCs are academically more successful, more likely to graduate, and are more satisfied with their college experience
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Artis Residential Community

Housed in Peery Hall, the Artis Residential Community (ARC) fosters community, connection, and engagement for first- and second-year residential students in the Artis College of Science and Technology. Students have access to the Makerspace located in Peery. This community is intended to enhance students’ sense of community, belonging, and identity as scholars through extra-curricular and co-curricular programming. The ultimate goal is to improve student retention and success in the Artis College of Science and Technology.

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Community of Artists

The Community of Artists (CoA) living-learning community housed in Trinkle Hall is for first year students, both freshmen and transfers, majoring or minoring in Art, Dance, Design, Music, or Theatre. This program provides opportunities to: Live in a creative environment with other visual and performing arts students; Participate in faculty-led travel opportunities; Collaborate with students from all arts disciplines; Attend workshops led by faculty, upperclassmen, and guest artists; and Create activities and experiences you enjoy. You will have input in selecting the activities and workshops that help you succeed at Radford. You will have options for leadership roles, community service, and continued involvement with the Community of Artists beyond your first year. The CoA is designed to support your academic and creative needs.

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Radford Recovery Community

Housed in Jefferson Hall, the office of Substance Abuse and Violence Education Support services (SAVES) sponsors this themed housing community with a mission to provide a safe, comfortable environment for students in recovery to strive academically, attend to their emotional and physical well-being with trained professionals, and connect socially with other students in recovery and allies to students in recovery. We host the Recovery Lounge in the lower level of Tyler Hall, a place to relax and have fun around fellow students in recovery. We also hold group-counseling sessions and peer led groups which are facilitated by our AOD Counselor and our Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, which all are welcome to attend.

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Environment-Community (ECO) Connections

ECO is a community of people committed to education, the environment, adventure, sustainability, leadership, and exploring the limitless opportunities of global citizenship. ECO students come from every major and field of study, live in Stuart Hall, and work to advance sustainability on campus and in the region. ECO partners with RU Outdoor Programs, RU Adventure-Based Learning Experiences (RUABLE), and the Sustainability Office to design and run programs and adventures that get students into the world and thinking about their place in it. Selected participants will move in early for an adventure at Selu, Radford’s 380-acre nature conservancy.

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Criminal Justice Living-Learning Community

Housed in Muse Hall, the Criminal Justice LLC is an opportunity for incoming freshman Criminal Justice majors to engage in learning, career related trips, criminal justice experiences, and community service to fully explore the criminal justice system. CJLLC students will experience all aspects of the criminal justice system.  They will explore careers, network with professionals in the CJ field, visit agencies from the three components of the CJ system: police, courts, and corrections, as well as interact with department faculty.  Since most careers in criminal justice are service related, students will also have community service opportunities throughout the year. 

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Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Community (ELC)

The ELC is a living-learning community designed to help incoming freshmen and sophomore students learn about, live the life of, and become successful business entrepreneurs, social innovators, and/or corporate intrapreneurs. The ELC encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in students from diverse majors and backgrounds.  Innovative transfer students are also welcomed to apply.  Participants will live with other like-minded student innovators; launch a business or social venture while in college; engage with entrepreneurial employers and community influencers; enjoy the Venture Lab space, workshops, and social activities; participate in the annual Innovation Challenge; join entrepreneurial student clubs; enroll in an entrepreneurial UNIV100 experience; and gain mentorship opportunities

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Nursing Living-Learning Community

The Nursing Living Learning Community fosters community, connection and engagement of nursing students. The residential location will be Stuart Hall. The students involved are Pre-Nursing & Nursing Majors who will live, work and study together. Together they will connect with each other and the faculty and staff of Radford University School of Nursing to develop a community.  This group is designed to help retain and support nursing students. 

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Housed in Moffett Hall, School House serves as a unique living learning community for aspiring teachers at Radford University. Participants have shared course experiences, connect to an education faculty mentor, live with other students seeking teacher licensure, have access to faculty office hours in their residence hall, enjoy social events with other members of the community, and find support resources to help pass licensure entry exams, complete program requirements, and apply to the teacher education program!

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The Honors College

The Radford University Honors College is a 4-year residential and non-residential learning community of 300 students and 10 faculty. Housed in Floyd Hall, the Honors College offers two academic tracks, distinct honors courses, and a host of social events throughout the school-year. In addition to student-led events, faculty-led events, or signature events like our off-campus first-year retreat, Honors Convocation, the spring banquets, the Honors Lecture, the Prep w/ Pizza study session for final exams, and lunches at local restaurants; Honors college students receive priority class registration, an honors faculty adviser (in addition to their academic adviser), assistance from the Honors College staff in Floyd Hall.

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Wellness Community

Housed in Muse Hall, the wellness themed community focuses on holistic well-being. Participants will live with students with shared interests, have direct connections to Student Recreation and Wellness and have intentional wellness related programs, fitness classes, and activities; all of which will promote healthy lifestyles and well-being.