Residential Curriculum

What is the residential curriculum?

A residential curriculum is a framework through which all efforts of the Office of Housing and Residential Life are prioritized and organized. In our residence halls, the residential curriculum is most visible through staff hosted community events and other efforts to connect students with each other and the University community. 

Below you can see the educational priority and learning goals of our residential curriculum. The educational priority can be best summarized as the overall goal, what we want for students who live with us throughout their time at Radford University. The learning goals are four (4) areas which Housing and Residential Life has identified as important and impactful opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Within each area (Student Achievement, Cultural Responsibility, Community Engagement, and Personal Development) there are specific goals for what our students will learn.

Educational Priority 

At the conclusion of the residential experience at Radford University, students will have experiences that allows for personal development that celebrates their personal and professional achievements while cultivating a strong responsibility towards advancing culture and engaging in their communities. 

Learning Goals

Student Achievment

Recognizing student achievement is crucial to support and celebrate in all the action of students in a residential, academic, and co-curricular setting. HRL understands we cannot do this work alone and refer students to appropriate Radford University offices. For many residents academic and co-curricular success is pre-defined and attending college may be the first-time students are learning different means of success that allow for creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking through reflection and transformative learning. Our goal is to support students in these efforts and to celebrate their achievements. 

  • Students will be able to select campus partners and resources appropriate for their academic and co-curricular success 

Culutral Responsibilty

Cultural responsibility is our approach to developing our students’ worldview and creating engaged citizens through a framework of civility. This framework requires students to understand themselves, encounter and navigate differences, and experience personal growth. Through empathy and understanding others, residents can ideally support and be active members in their communities and build relationships that are positive and meaningful. 

  • Students will be able to analyze elements of their own identity
  • Students will be able to interact with people who have social identities different than their own 
  • Students will be able to name social justice issues impacting themselves, their peers, and the world 

Community Engagement

Community engagement is how a student engages and becomes an active participant by not only upholding Radford traditions and values but society’s as well. The support HRL gives in this skill-building effort allows for the residents to develop positive community influences. Relationships building will focus on the creation and maintenance of lifelong connection within the Highlander family and upon graduation the ability to be a productive and positive global citizen.

  • Students will be able to demonstrate healthy relationship skills
  • Students will be able to create connections within their communities  

Personal Development

Personal development is how a student gains awareness of self and starts to develop a strong sense of interpersonal independence. The student’s awareness and independence can be achieved through the development of their personal values and use these values to appropriately address challenges and build resiliency in adverse situations. HRL will support students as they problem-solve everyday issues and reflect on their growth. 

  • Students will be able to identify personal values and display consistent actions aligned to those personal values 
  • Students will be able to navigate everyday issues and challenges