Living & Learning at Radford

Living and learning opportunities at Radford University could define your on-campus experience. We want all students to have a place they belong the moment they step on campus, and living and learning opportunities are one way you can make that happen.

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Living-learning communities bridge academics, residence hall living, and being part of the Radford community, ensuring your connection to campus is deep and immediate.

Radford University offers nine unique learning communities that provide students opportunities to deeply engage with faculty, academics, and peers with similar interests.

Explore the communities to find the one that fits you best. 

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The Residential Curriculum, or the Tarten Residential Education Kit (TREK), is the educational model we use to support the holistic growth and success of students who live in campus housing. At the conclusion of the residential experience at Radford University, students will celebrate their personal and professional achievements gained through transformational learning experiences earned by navigating challenges, engaging in resources, and advancing the culture of their communities.