Application Instructions

Before You Apply

  • Review the Residential Boarding Policy and Residential Student Agreement
  • Students subject to the Residential Boarding Policy are required to live in the residence halls for two academic years.  After they have completed four semesters in the residence halls, students will be eligible to reside in University Operated Apartments but may also choose to return to the residence halls if they wish.
  •  The Residential Student Agreement is a legally binding agreement, be sure you understand the terms of that agreement.  
  • Students may request an exemption from the Residential Boarding Policy or from the Residential Student Agreement.  Requests are reviewed by the Housing Exemption Committee and there is no gaurantee a request will be granted.  
  • If you are subject to the Residential Boarding Policy or have signed a Residential Student Agreement, we strongly advise you do not sign a lease elsewhere until and unless your request for exemption has been approved.
  • You will be offered the opportunity to share important health information.  If you choose to do so, please have your health insurance card and a list of any medications you wish disclose on hand.
  • There is a $100 prepayment deposit required to apply for housing.  If you have not already paid the prepayment deposit through your student account, you will have the opportunity to do so when you apply.  You may use a credit/debit card or checking account information to pay electronically.  The university does not accept all credit/debit cards, please see the Office of the Bursar website for more information about accepted forms of payment.

Housing Applications

  1. Sign in to OneCampus and search for then select Housing.  You will be directed to the Housing portal.
  2. Select the Housing Applications link.
  3. When prompted, you may choose to complete the application for housing or request exemption from housing requirements.
  4. Here are some basic instructions on how to Create/Join a Roommate Group (PDF).

Room Assignment Process 

New Students

New students are assigned by our staff based on the date they sign the Residential Student Agreement.  New students are not eligible to participate in online room selection at this time.

  • Students can edit application preferences until May 2.
  • The priority deadline for new students to form roommate groups is May 2 - requests for roommates after May 2 will be considered but it is less likely we will be able to make late requests.
  • Roommate placements depend on available space. While we make every effort to assign you with your requested roommate, we are not able to guarantee all requests.  

Room and board charges will be billed to student accounts beginning in July. 

Room assignment notifications will be sent to the student email account in July.

Currently Enrolled Students

Currently enrolled students who are bound to the Residential Boarding Policy and sign a Residential Student Agreement by the priority housing  application deadline are eligible to select a space in a residence hall during the online room selection period. 

Currently enrolled students not bound to the Residential Boarding Policy who sign a Residential Student Agreement by the priority housing application deadline are eligible to choose a space in a university operated apartment or a residence hall during the online room selection period.

Currently enrolled students who apply after the priority application deadline or who fail to choose a space during online room selection will be assigned by Housing and Residential Life based on the date of application and room preferences if indicated on the application.  The specific priority housing deadline changes from year to year, but is typically two weeks after the application opens. Current students will receive an email announcing Housing Sign Up with specfic dates and instructions.

Online Apartment and Residence Hall Room Selection:

  • Students who submit an application by the deadline will be given the opportunity to participate in online room selection. 
  • Bound students may group with one another and select from available residence hall rooms.
  • Not bound students may group with one another and select from available apartment or residence hall rooms.
  • Only confirmed roommates who have submitted a priority application will be eligible to be placed in a room during online room selection. 
  • Time slots will be assigned based on class standing and Radford ID number. Students will receive an email with their time slot and room selection instructions.
  • If an entire room/unit is open, one roommate may place their confirmed roommate in that room/unit with them.
    • Group members should coordinate their selection and ensure all group members are assigned in the same room/unit at the same time.
  • To participate in Online Room Selection, applicants must have applied by the priority deadline and signed the Residential Student Agreement.
  • Please contact | 540-831-5375 if you have questions or need assistance.
  • For more information on available apartments, please see our University Operated Apartments page.