Application Instructions

Before you apply

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the Residential Student Agreement. Similar to a lease, it is a legally binding contract.

Room Deposit Information

You will need to submit a $100 Room Deposit at the time of registration.

Room Deposit Waiver Information

Eligible students may qualify for a Deposit Waiver. Eligibility for Room Deposit Waiver is determied by your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as determined by your FAFSA.

Returning students: Complete a Room Deposit Waiver and return to Housing and Residential Life via email attachment to or via fax to 540-831-6654.

New students: Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information on requesting and submitting a waiver.

How to apply for housing

Gather or confirm the information you need to complete your application

  • Emergency contact information.
  • Medical conditions and prescribed medications.
  • Personal cell phone number.
  • Roommate request information – if you have a preferred roommate for next year you will need to know their Radford ID number to complete the application.

Log in to the OneCampus Portal

Select the housing tile.



Select the Housing Applications link to complete your application.

  • If you have any questions regarding the housing application process please contact the Residential Life Office (, 540-831-5375).
  • Make sure to answer all of the questions and supply accurate information on the application. We make room assignments based on your profile information, be sure to answer profile questions honestly.
  • When your application and contract are complete, click the final submit button.
  • After completing the application return to your homepage to confirm your application has been completed and submitted.
  • If you want to edit any of the application information you can use these directions to access your account and make necessary updates or changes.

Room Assignment Process 

New Students

New students are assigned to available spaces based on the date they submitted their housing application. While we make every effort to accommodate roommate requests, we do not guarantee you will be paired with your selected roommate.  We recommend waiting until you have your official assignment notification before purchasing shared items, or save your receipts in case you need to return items perviously purchased.

Currently Enrolled Students

Currently enrolled students are eligible to apply via the Priority Housing Application.  Students who submit a Priority Housing Application by the deadline are eligible to select an apartment, residence hall penthouse unit, residence hall super suite or residence hall room.  Currently enrolled students who apply after the priority application deadline will be assigned by Housing and Residential Life based on date of deposit or deposit waiver and application.  

Online Apartment and Residence Hall Room Selection:

  • Students who submit a priority housing application by the deadline will be given the opportunity to participate in online room selection. 
  • Only confirmed roommates who have submitted a priority application will be eligible to be placed in a room during online room selection.
  • Time slots will be assigned based on class standing and Radford ID number. Students will receive an email with their time slot and room selection instructions.
  • If an entire room/unit is open, one roommate may place their confirmed roommate in that room/unit with them.
    • Group members should coordinate their selection and ensure all group members are assigned in the same room/unit at the same time.
  • To participate in Room Selection applicants must have signed the Residential Student Agreement and Apartment Addendum.
  • If you did not receive room assignment confirmation from our office, you were not successful in selecting your room
  • Please contact | 540-831-5375 if you have questions or need assistance.
  • For more information on available apartments, please see our "University Operated Apartments" page.