Mission & Vision


The mission of OHRL is to provide an inclusive living and learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging where students can pursue academic success and cultivate meaningful relationships within well-maintained facilities.  Our student centered approach promotes student learning and development while preparing residents to engage in a diverse and changing society.


Providing an exemplary residential experience where students are inspired and prepared to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Student Learning: At the heart of our work is providing experiences that promote student learning.

Inclusion: We work to ensure that all residents are heard and have a place in our communities.

Exceptional service: In all aspects we strive to provide excellent service to students, parents, and university partners.

Responsible Stewardship: We appropriately manage our resources in a way that reflects responsibility.

Residential Curriculum Goals and Learning Outcomes

Educational Priority

Our educational priority is for students to develop personally, academically, and socially so they become positive citizens in their local and global communities.

Goal: Global Citizenship

Narrative: Students who demonstrate Global Citizenship will respect, celebrate, and advocate for the needs, ideas and values of others by appreciating and understanding our differences and recognizing our personal responsibility in creating positive communities.

Learning Outcomes:

·         Student will be able to understand how their actions affect their community.

·         Students will be able to demonstrate an ability to understand multiple perspectives.


Goal: Personal Development

Narrative: Students who grow in their Personal Development are working toward becoming the best version of themselves.

Learning Outcomes:

·         Students will be able to articulate personal values.

·         Students will be able to develop skills to become self-reliant.

·         Students will be able to accept personal accountability.


Goal: Community Engagement

Narrative: Students who participate in Community Engagement encourage meaningful interactions by building relationships and understanding their role in a community.

Learning Outcomes:

·         Students will be able to participate in creating an environment that fosters a sense of belonging.

·         Students will be able to engage in meaningful conversations with fellow residents, faculty, and staff.

·         Students will be able to demonstrate behaviors that positively influence their community.


Goal: Academic Engagement

Narrative: Students who achieve Academic Engagement possess the knowledge and skills to ensure they fully participate in their academic experiences at Radford.

Learning Outcomes:

·         Students will be able to use resources to support their academic success.

·         Students will be able to set realistic academic goals.

·         Students will be able to connect their classroom learning to out of class experiences.