Mission & Vision


OHRL will cultivate dynamic communities that inspire personal growth, connection, and academic success in environments where students are supported and engaged.


To foster communities where students participate in transformative learning and develop as leaders and engaged citizens


Student Learning: At the heart of our work is providing experiences that promote student learning.

Inclusion: We work to ensure that all residents are heard and have a place in our communities.

Exceptional service: In all aspects we strive to provide excellent service to students, parents, and university partners.

Responsible Stewardship: We appropriately manage our resources in a way that reflects responsibility.



Residential Curriculum Goals and Learning Outcomes

Educational Priority

At the conclusion of the residential experience at Radford University, students will celebrate their personal and professional achievements gained through transformational learning experiences earned by navigating challenges, engaging in resources, and advancing the culture of their communities.



Personal Development

Personal development is how a student recognizes incongruence between their ideal experience and their lived experiences.

Cultural Responsibility

Cultural responsibility is developing students’ worldview and creating engaged citizens through a framework of civility.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is how a student engages, builds relationships, and becomes an active member of Radford University and society’s traditions and values.

Student Achievement

Student achievement allows for creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking through transformative learning and reflection to be celebrated.