Mission & Vision


OHRL will cultivate dynamic communities that inspire personal growth, connection, and academic success in environments where students are supported and engaged.


To foster communities where students participate in transformative learning and develop as leaders and engaged citizens


Student Learning: At the heart of our work is providing experiences that promote student learning.

Inclusion: We work to ensure that all residents are heard and have a place in our communities.

Exceptional service: In all aspects we strive to provide excellent service to students, parents, and university partners.

Responsible Stewardship: We appropriately manage our resources in a way that reflects responsibility.

Residential Curriculum Goals and Learning Outcomes

Educational Priority

Our educational priority is for students to develop the academic and personal development skills necessary to succeed at Radford University.


Resiliency: Students who demonstrate resiliency have developed the skills necessary to endure adversity and persist to achieve their goals.  

  • ·         Students will be able to outline steps to achieve their goals.
  • ·         Students will be able to learn strategies to persist after failure.
  • ·         Students will be able to implement self-advocacy skills.

Academic Readiness: Students who demonstrate academic readiness have utilized appropriate skills and resources in pursuit of their educational goals and career aspirations.

  • ·         Students will be able to utilize appropriate resources.
  • ·         Students will be able to practice effective academic skills.
  • ·         Students will be able to connect their academic choices to their post-undergraduate goals.

Healthy Relationships: Students who engage in healthy relationships have cultivated effective communication and reflection skills to connect with others in the community, respect differences, and navigate conflict.

  • ·         Students will be able to engage in self-reflection to become the best version of themselves.
  • ·         Students will be able to employ communication skills that foster healthy relationships.
  • ·         Students will be able to demonstrate respect for others to promote an inclusive environment.
  • ·         Students will be able to productively navigate conflict.

Radford Community: Students who engage in the Radford Community have developed a sense of belonging and pride in their identity as a Highlander through connections with individuals, traditions, and the institution.

  • ·         Students will be able to engage in activities that strengthen their connections within the Radford community.
  • ·         Students will be able to demonstrate pride in their Highlander identity.
  • ·         Students will be able to develop a sense of belonging at Radford.