Mission & Vision


Through a curricular approach, our mission is to support students by cultivating dynamic communities that facilitate their personal growth and academic success.


We envision a residential community of leaders and citizens engaged in transformative learning experiences. 


We value people and the connectedness of our community. With care and thoughtfulness, we...

  • Recognize the humanity of others and the importance of their well-being.
  • Strive to build mutual trust and to maintain authentic relationships that create a stronger sense of place for Radford students and our team.
  • Embrace partnership and collaboration as foundational to our work and essential for achieving our mission.


We strive to embody the qualities of a learning organization. As a result, we...

  • Embrace all learning and professional growth opportunities for our staff
  • Partner with students, faculty, staff, and the broader Radford community to enhance learning in our residential communities.
  • Work to maintain open communication and dialogue to better understand community members and their needs to connect people with appropriate resources.


Recognizing that everyone has a unique lived experience, we value and affirm all aspects of a person’s identity, invite all voices to the table, and advocate not only for accessibility but also equity. Further, we are committed to creating opportunities for individuals to deepen their awareness and expand their worldview through engaging in the respectful exchange of ideas. 


Exceptional Experiences
We strive to provide an exceptional experience for students, their families, and university partners. As a result, we value

  • Timely and ongoing communication of information.
  • Positivity and active listening as work toward resolutions.
  • Receiving feedback in order that we may improve processes, programs, services, and strengthen relationships.


Responsible Stewardship
HRL strives to create a sustainable work environment in which we...

  • Use our physical and financial resources according to policies established by Radford University and Commonwealth of Virginia. 
  • Use technology to support our processes and consistently review them to improve our efficiency.
  • See our team members thrive as they meaningfully contribute to our mission.