What to Expect

If Your IRB Application Needs to be Reviewed by the Full Board 

If your IRB application needs to be reviewed by the Full Board at the monthly meeting, the PI and student (if applicable) will be notified and sent an invitation to attend the meeting. While it is not mandatory for the PI and student to attend the IRB meeting, the Board has found it helpful to resolve any outstanding points of clarification to provide an adequate review and assist the researcher in the review and approval process.

If the application is related to a student project and there are conflicts related to the ability of the PI/Radford University faculty member to attend the regularly scheduled IRB meeting, the IRB application may be deferred until the next month's IRB meeting to accommodate schedules. 

We are here to help and ask that you reach out to the Research Compliance Office with any questions you may have.   

The Radford University IRB convenes on the third Monday of each month. Exceptions to this may be in the Summer months and /or the holiday season. For more information about meeting dates and deadlines, please see the Meeting Dates & Deadlines page.