Students Conducting Research

Classroom Exercises 

Course projects usually do not lead to generalizable knowledge and are often not undertaken with specific research goals in mind. These projects do not need Radford University IRB approval UNLESS they: 

  • Will be presented in any form outside of the immediate Radford University Community (e.g., the Radford University Undergraduate/Graduate Research Forum, Waldron College Symposium, and the Masters of Social Work Poster Presentation. 
  • Involve the questioning of children or other vulnerable populations as stipulated in 45 CFR 46; 
  • Ask about illegal activities (e.g., underage drinking) that can be subpoenaed by a court of law; 
  • Involve socially stigmatizing and/or stigmatizing behavioral and/or attitudes; 
  • Involve the use of subject matter which could cause emotional distress; 
  • Involve the use of videotaping and/or autdio taping. 

Classroom exercises DO NOT include Independent studies or other individualized research activities and does not apply for independent or directed studies, dissertations, theses, honors theses, capstone projects, or any other individualized learning experience

Please contact the IRB Office PROMPTLY if you have any questions about your proposed project.

It is the responsibility of the faculty advisors to ensure that course projects are conducted to the standards of their relevant discipline. See the appliable policy prior to implementing a project that may qualify as a Classroom Exercise project. 

Please read and review the optional Classroom Exercise Agreement may be used between student and instructor to ensure that the criteria are appropriately discussed and understood.