Forms and Templates

InfoEd Global Access Request Form

Please complete this form if you need access to be able to submit an IRB protocol and do not currently have access to InfoEd Global.

IRB-Info Listserv Request Form

Please complete this form to be put on the IRB-Info listserv, where you will receive the latest news, information, tips, training materials, etc., regarding the IRB Office, software, and protocol processing.

Submission Forms

While you must use the eForm within InfoEd for your Initial Application, the below Word version of the Application for Initial Review closely approximates the online eForm in InfoEd.  You may use it as templates in which to draft your submission before entering it into InfoEd, if desired.  This is not required and the entire application can be written online via the eform application, if preferred.

In time, the Modification form and others will be built into InfoEd, but for now, please include the below Word versions of the Modification, Continuation and Closure forms when needing to modify (or amend, as these terms are synonymous in this circumstance), continue or close your studies.

Please note that InfoEd recommends copying Word document text into NotePad or similar software to strip away the extra coding that Word applies to its text before copying it into InfoEd’s eforms.

Additional forms and templates are available for download in the following listing of resources.

Resources and Guidance

Consent Form Templates

Consent Waivers

  • The consent waiver is built into the initial application eform in the InfoEd Global System.


Deception Study Release Forms

  • Sample Deception Release and Debriefing
  • Deception Study Release Form Word
  • Deception Study Release Form - Recordings Word