IRB How To's

Radford University is now using IRB Manager as its IRB protocol management system.

IRB Manager can be accessed on the RU Portal in the Employee tab (for faculty and staff) and the Academics tab (for students).

How To Get Started with Human Subjects Research:

  1. Human Subjects (CITI) Training
    1. Students - please see Human Subjects Training Requirements for Students
    2. Faculty - please see Human Subjects Training Requirements for Faculty and Staff InfoEd Access
  2. Learn About Review Categories
    1.  Please see Review Categories for more information to determine the best review category for your research. 
    2.  Exempt and Expedited are not reviewed at a convened meeting and thus do not have a deadline for submission. 
  3. Creating a Protocol and Submitting a Protocol
    1.  Please see our Tutorials on D2L- see the IRB User Resources "course" on the D2L Self Registration course webpage.
    2. Forms:
      1. Investigator Agreement Form - ONLY external collaborators (non-Radford personnel or students) included on a protocol are required to upload this form and their CV. The Investigator Agreement Form for the PI has been developed into the protocol in IRB Manager (on the final submission page). 
      2. The remaining forms and templates you may need are located on the RU IRB Forms and Templates page.
  4. What You Need to Know After Your Protocol is Approved
    1.  If you will be using printed consent forms and/or flyers, you must use the stamped version we will send you with your approval letter.
    2. Changes to a protocol are to be submitted as an Amendment. Please see the tutorial in the IRB User Resources course on D2L. 
    3. Protocols are only approved for one year. To continue to work on it, you must submit a Continuation form prior to the expiration date. Please see the tutorial in the IRB User Resources course on D2L.

  5. Additional Resources
    1.  IRB Submission Process for New Applicants
    2.  IRB New Submission