IACUC Training for Students

Before a student can participate in any animal subjects research, the student researcher must accomplish the below and submit any documentation as instructed by their faculty member:

  1. Complete the IACUC Core Training entitled Working with the IACUC located on CITIProgram.org
  2. Enroll in the Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP). 

See below for more information.

IACUC Training Modules on the CITI Training Program

Here are several resources to help locate and complete the appropriate IACUC Training modules on the CITI Training Program. Every student involved in animal subjects research must follow these steps.

  1. Access the CITI Training Program at CITIProgram.org
    1. For assistance in creating an account in CITI, please see CITI Program's New User Log-in tutorial.

    2. At Step 7 of this tutorial, go to "Question 5. Laboratory Animal Welfare" and select the item "'Working with the IACUC Course' is required if you plan to use lab animals in your work."

    3. Select any other courses below that your instructor requests or requires. For example, if the protocol proposes the use of mice or rats, all named personnel also must complete the modules Working with Mice (or Rats) in Research Settings and Post-Procedure Care of Mice and Rats in Research

    4. Continue the log-in process.

    5. Go to your "Grade Book" to begin taking your required course(s).
  2. Complete the Working with the IACUC training module in CITI, and any other pieces of training as required by the Project PI or the IACUC.

  3. You are urged to download a PDF or print a Certificate of Completion for each training module for your files and submission to your instructor.
    1. Certificates of Completion do not need to be submitted to the IACUC.  The IACUC Office will confirm the completion of required courses in the CITI database. 

All personnel invovled in research with vertebrate animals are required to enroll in the Occupational Health and Safety Program (OSHP).

OHSP training, information about the program, and the required forms to be completed may be found on Radford University's Desire 2 Learn (D2L) platform.