Temporary Export Certification Form

For foreign travel and hand-carrying Radford University commodities, software, and technology outside of the United States.


When taken outside of the United States, university property such as commodities, software, and technology (hereafter called items) may be subject to export licensing under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) or regulations by other government agencies. Many items such as laptops, tablets, cell phones and PDA’s containing commercial software, may be temporarily exported as “tools of trade” under the export license exception TMP.

“Tools of Trade” can be simply defined as items that are used for university business, conferences, trade shows, etc. The temporary exception only applies to university property. Please complete the form below listing all of the university items you plan to temporarily export. For any encryption items, please contact our office prior to your travel so that we can review the level of encryption and determine the proper registration requirements.

**This Certification does not apply to any equipment, components, technical data or software specifically designed for military, space, or intelligence applications or otherwise controlled under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Nor does it apply to any nuclear or atomic energy items regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or Department of Energy (DoE). In these cases, please contact the Radford University Research Compliance Office at 540.831.5290 or irb-iacuc@radford.edu.**

Please complete one form per traveler and click submit in order for the Research Compliance Office to receive a copy. Please assign equipment to only one traveler.


Detailed description of item(s) to which this certification applies:

 I am not taking any Radford University property with me, including my university laptop, or any other university issued technology.

Items to Export

Commodities and Technology Hardware - Please Specify the items to export (e.g., take with you on your trip) as well as the Radford University barcode tag# and/or serial number(s), and a description of the item, including the brand(s) of the items.


Software - Please include the names of the software loaded onto the items to export as well as the Radford, along with a description of the software, including the brand(s) and any other identifying features required to adequately describe the software. Microsoft Office products included in the Radford University “Standard Build” may be referred to as “Standard Build” and do not have to be itemized.



  1. I will hand carry or check in personal luggage the commodities, software, or technology (hereafter called items) abroad ONLY as a "tool of trade" to conduct Radford University business.
  2. I will return the items to the US no later than 12 months from the date of export unless they are certified by me to have been consumed or destroyed while abroad during this 12 month period;
  3. I will maintain the items under my "effective control" while abroad. "Effective control" means retaining physical possession of an item or maintaining it in a secure environment such as a hotel safe or a locked or guarded facility;
  4. I will not take the items to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or Sudan unless I have received approval from the Radford University Research Compliance Office in writing;
  5. I will contact the Research Comliance Office if I will be traveling with any known encrypted technologies or RU proprietary encryption or source code. I acknowledge that written permission will be required from the Research Compliance Office before I can travel with said technologies.
  6. I will immediately contact the Research Compliance Office if my equipment is lost or stolen during my travel.
  7. I will consult with Research Compliance Office before exporting any other Radford University items abroad.
 I hereby certify that I have read and understand the provisions of this TMP certification and I understand that violations of U.S. export laws are punishable by severe civil and criminal penalties, including monetary fines and imprisonment, and that I may be personally liable for violating these laws.