Export & Foreign Travel


Export control regulations are a complex set of laws designed to control the transfer of information, technology, software, other items, and services considered to be important to the United States (U.S.) due to concerns regarding national security, economic competitiveness, or support of international treaties and foreign policy. Radford University is committed to fostering an open academic environment that encourages the dissemination of information resulting from research and teaching. At the same time, international activities are subject to federal regulations and policies that govern the export of items and information. 


Foreign Travel

Foreign travel destination laws and restrictions are also an ever-changing set of federal regulations. Penalties for failure to comply with current US foreign export laws and policies can be significant and should be avoided. Please help us comply with current law by contacting the Radford University Research Compliance Office promptly if you are considering such activities or otherwise intend to do business with a foreign entity.

If you or any Radford University equipment assigned to you (included laptops, cell phones, and other electronics) are planning to travel to a foreign destination for 12 months or less, please complete either the Web or Word version of the Radford University Temporary Export (TMP) Certification Form and submit it to the Research Compliance Office (RCO).  Please submit the form as soon as possible, at least four weeks in advance of your anticipated travel date but preferably in the early planning phase of your trip, so that we may process your submission and return it to you sufficiently in advance of your departure

You will receive an emailed response that includes travel advisories and restricted party screening information specific to your travel destination(s) within 1-2 weeks of submission.

Please Note:

  • If you and/or your electronic equipment are leaving the country for greater than 12 months, please contact the RCO promptly and directly.
  • Also, if the equipment is encrypted (including laptop software), might have military applications, or is otherwise "high tech" beyond normal office "Tools of Trade" applications, please contact the RCO promptly and directly.

Your assistance in helping to keep Radford University in compliance with federal regulations is most appreciated. By completing this form four weeks prior to your anticipated departure date, this allows us to adequately review your travel form in this ever-changing regulatory climate.


If you are planning to ship or receive any materials to or from a foreign entity or destination, please contact the Radford University Research Compliance Office as early as possible in the process and prior to the start of any such transaction so that we may assist you with this process. Conducting any business with certain foreign parties can lead to serious ramifications for you personally and/or for Radford University, per federal law. 

Also, if you intend to collaborate or work with foreign faculty or students while working at Radford University, please contact our office as soon as possible.

Please contact us before you begin your project or conduct any business with a foreign national or entity so that we may screen the parties and/or materials with which you intend to do business, no matter how benign the material or project may appear.